5 Dated Interior Design Trends That Will Not Age Well

Casa Chaps
by Casa Chaps

I'm going to be talking about five dated interior design trends that I think are not going to age well. Of course, I need to put out the disclaimer that it is all my humble opinion, and I'm basing this opinion on some of the things we've seen in the past and my experience as an interior designer. Without further ado, let's get right into it.

Fluted cabinets

1. Fluted cabinets

This is because, over the years, it started with fluted cabinets. It moved on to fluted tables, fluted side tables, fluted coffee tables, and now even fluted glass. I mean, we have seen it all. I don't think that the fluted texture in itself is going to age well.

Why do I think this? Well, there are a couple of reasons. It's about how well you pair it. I've seen many instances of a red table, which is as well fluted. I think that's overdoing it. If you want to incorporate some texture, you must also be careful with the texture's color. Otherwise, it will be too busy and introduce a little more movement you might not want.

The second reason I think this interior design trend will not last is because people are overdoing it. I think that less is more sometimes, but I have seen a kitchen with fluted cabinet fronts with fluted glass, and it covered the entire wall. This is a lot.

The third reason I think fluted furniture will not be very beautiful in the future is because many people prefer good vintage pieces. In the past, there weren't fluted textures on cabinets or furniture. So, you generally don't find that as a retro piece.

Limewash walls

2. Limewash

I'm not after texture; I'm just trying to analyze things here. When texture is introduced in a space, it is very beautiful. It also makes the space look inviting. But sometimes, it can be done in the wrong way. This is because sometimes it is overdone.

You see the ceiling, the floor, and all four walls done in lime wash, especially in vivid, bright colors. That is just a lot of texture going on, and I think over the long run, people will prefer something more simple, something calmed down.

A plain, smooth wall is going to outperform a limewashed wall. The reason why I say that is sometimes it is impractical in the context of the home. So, what would I advise you to do if you love lime wash and must have it no matter what? I think it is better to opt for neutral colors because it is way easier to work with neutral colors, and they also uplift and open up a space.

Overall, when you want to introduce texture in a space, you'd instead do it with other things like pillows, throws, blankets, and rugs in more subtle ways than going full out and painting the whole room with lime wash.

Sculptural furniture

3. Sculptural furniture

I have seen all kinds of shapes, sizes, and colors of furniture than one could ever imagine. I have to say hats off because of the creativity in creating all these beautiful forms. But I don't think you should rush to the store and fill your house with this furniture.

I think it's good when you use it as an accent piece, maybe an accent sofa, an accent table, a side table right in the corner, or even a beautiful, unique sculptural reading lamp.

I've seen people fill their homes with very sculptural furniture, and the problem with that is the shape and form of the furniture is not traditional, nor is it timeless. I think that it has to be done in moderation. I also think that, generally, organic shapes work best. I mean, if we look back at art decor, it has some very curvy sofas and round tables, and I think all these shapes bring a lot of interest and sometimes can even soften up a space.

I think sticking to one or two accents and popping pieces will bring more interest into the space than bombarding it with all these pieces of furniture that are sculptural and detailed, which will fight for attention.

Open shelving unit

4. Open shelving

They attract all the unnecessary things in the house; all the things that don't have a proper place will somehow wind up on that open shelf, and nobody will take care of them. Open shelving is just prone to clutter. It is prone to attract unwanted things because it is so easy to dump things there, and as much as it is easy to access things from it, it is also easy to attract things on it.

So, I think that open shelving will not age well. For this reason, I think the bulk of us, myself included, should stay away from open shelving because our organizational skills suck. We should stick to cabinets with doors or, at the very least, glass doors and call it a day.

Mirrored cabinet fronts

5. Mirrored cabinet fronts in the kitchen

I think this is a relatively new trend. I haven't seen it a lot. Nonetheless, it is an upcoming trend, and we should distance ourselves from it as much as possible. This is because I don't think mirrored elements will do anything to elevate your space. If anything, they are going to attract dirt.

I mean, this is a kitchen. There's a lot of humidity. There's a lot of oil. There's a lot of opening of cabinets. You'll see fingerprints on those things, and it's not ending well. Most importantly, they try too hard to introduce a glamorous look in the kitchen, which will date your space.

I think the new philosophy is that kitchens are the heart of the home. They're an extension of the living room, and we don't enjoy places that are pestered with mirrors, do we? There's a place for a mirror in a home. In the living room, I would even argue that it would be incomplete without a mirror. But I'm talking about filling your entire kitchen cabinets with mirrored frames. That's extreme.

Dated interior design trends

I'm curious to know which of these five dated interior design trends you find the most cringy. Or which one do you love and bet to differ? I would love to hear your opinion, so please leave it down in the comment section below.

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  • Debbie Debbie on Mar 25, 2024
    I guess I’m lucky. I have none of these design concepts in my home.
  • Kate Kate on Mar 26, 2024
    That’s some of the ugliest furniture I’ve ever seen.