Expert Tips & Tricks For Decorating Above Kitchen Cabinets

Wish you could find the right decor for above the kitchen cabinets? Today I am going to show you how easy decorating above kitchen cabinets can really be. With my helpful tips, your empty space will look better than ever.

1. Decorate sparingly

I remember probably fifteen or twenty years ago when I was first looking for decorating ideas for above kitchen cabinets, we used to decorate all the way across.

I remember packing so much ivy on top of the cabinets that sometimes I look back at those pictures and think I kind of overdid it. Now when I decorate above cabinets for clients, I like to keep it sparing.

What I do is I create vignettes and that's where we gather several different items together and put them in certain sections above the cabinet.

2. Use varying heights

So another tip is when choosing the home decor items, choose ones with varying heights. What this does is it creates visual interest with the things that are above your cabinets.

3. Stay consistent

A third tip is to keep your style consistent. Whether you're doing modern home decor or you're doing farmhouse, whatever it is, everything you choose to go above your cabinets, keep them cohesive.

4. Clean greenery the easy way

So, another tip, if you're going to put greenery above your kitchen cabinets, and I highly recommend it because it adds some beautiful color and a lot of softness to the decor that you're going to put up there, is to remember to clean it the easy way.

It's going to get dusty, so let me tell you a super easy way to clean your greenery. If you've got greenery like this one, it's kind of a harder plastic, purchase some foaming bathroom cleaner.

Spray it on, let it sit, and those little foam bubbles start to eat away at the dust. All you have to do is rinse it off and let it dry and then it's perfectly clean.

So remember, when it comes to decorating above your kitchen cabinets, there's three tips that make it super easy. Number one is to create vignettes. Number two is to choose items that have varying heights. And number three is to keep your style cohesive. it.

Decor for above the kitchen cabinets

Let me chat with you about some of the things I chose and why I chose them. So up here in the corner, that looks like it's a wicker basket, but that is actually a wicker placemat. I added some greenery, it looks beautiful against the brown of the wicker, and then I added a hammered copper canister and that's all you need.

In this area of the kitchen, we only have a single cabinet, so we really didn't need a lot up there. I chose a pitcher with a very cool metal handle and again just a little bit of greenery.

In the corner I put the letter C and a little bit of greenery.

When you come down here above the stove, I found an architectural piece that we put up there. Then on the left side, I put a little bit of greenery. And then on the right side, I put two pots. It's very simple but very beautiful.

Above kitchen cabinet decor

The days of above kitchen cabinet decor being packed up to the ceiling are long over. Decorating above kitchen cabinets nowadays is all about creating vignettes with items you truly love.

What items would you like to place above your kitchen cabinets? Share your unique ideas with me in the comments section.

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  • Marlys Frederiksen Marlys Frederiksen on Apr 13, 2024
    I put some crystal pieces and two old pitcher and bowl sets. I like the contrast, I don't think it looks cluttered, and I get complimented on it a lot.
  • Gai71211423 Gai71211423 on Apr 13, 2024
    I have a pretty ceramic teapot on top of each of my cupboards. I have a small box under each one so the entire teapot can be seen.