Afro Boho Bedroom Tour: Decor, Furniture & Style

It is time to walk you through the Afro Boho bedroom I created for my guests. My entire home, including my home gym, is designed in the Afro Boho style. Interestingly enough, I have been using Afro Boho design for many years and I sometimes called it Afro Parisian, but today we claim it as Afro Boho.

I really enjoy Afro Boho decor because of its five main characteristics.

Appreciation for artistry, craftsmanship, and individuality

One, an appreciation for artistry, craftsmanship, and individuality.

Honoring one's heritage and legacy

Two, honoring one's heritage and legacy.

Bold, vibrant colors and carefully curated neutrals

Three, the use of bold, vibrant colors along with carefully curated neutrals for balance.

Eclectic complementary pieces
Blending modern, ethnic, and classic vintage furnishings and decor

Four, the harmony created from combining eclectic complementary pieces.

Five, blending modern, ethnic, and classic vintage furnishings and decor.


There are many elements to the Afro Boho design style, but these five main characteristics are found in any Afro Boho designed room.

Designing a guest bedroom with different zones

In this guest bedroom, I did what I always do. I designed the room using my zone theory. Design zone theory means thinking about how the room can be aesthetically and functionally enjoyed no matter how small or large it is.

Afro Boho guest bedroom

This guest bedroom is designed with three zones in mind.

Sleeping and resting area

This first is a luxurious sleeping and resting area.

Cozy book reading zone

The second is a cozy book reading zone.

Clothing storage zone

And the third is a clothing storage zone.

Layered textures and patterns

Every guest bedroom deserves a cozy, inviting place to lay your head. Whenever I have guests over, they always call this room the bed and breakfast room. In this guest bedroom, I layered many different textures and patterns, creating harmony through color theory.

Afro Boho color palette

The three main colors in this particular color theory are tones of orange, red, and rust, along with gold and pops of turquoise. In any design, neutrals are a given. The use of brown, tan, beige, black, and gray helps to ground the bolder colors in the room.

Afro Boho style furniture

Afro Boho loves to combine sophistication and playfulness.

Modern contemporary artwork

In the artwork, you have the modern contemporary piece over the bed, and on the side of the bed, the playful sneaker-designed artwork. This space says welcome home.

Chill zone

Next up is the chill zone. This area invites you to grab a book or a magazine, or maybe just sit with your thoughts and relax.

Layering textures

In this zone, there are more patterns and layering of textures. I use African mud cloth on the bench, cheetah print pillows, and that gorgeous chevron pattern in the leather layered rug, on top of the carpeting.

Record collection

There's also an acknowledgment of heritage and legacy in this zone, with the record collection sitting on top of the mudcloth bench.

Our final zone is the storage and heritage legacy zone. I purchased this storage armoire because when I remodeled this home, I stole the closet space in this room and added it to the small bathroom.

Afro Boho bathroom

Here's a quick look at my Afro Boho bathroom.

Shower area

Believe it or not, the shower area was even smaller, so I stole the two-foot closet from the guest bedroom and added that space to make this room bigger. That left me with no storage area for guests in this room.

Modern storage armoire

Adding this modern storage armoire helps this guest room maintain its functionality.

Thrifted woven reed baskets and rattan purse

On top of the armoire, I have natural elements that are characteristic of Afro Boho, with the thrifted woven reed baskets and this pretty nifty purse that's made out of rattan.

Between the World and Me gift

In the heritage legacy category, I have a gift given to me by the creators of the film, Between the World and Me, thanking me for my role in curating a talkback panel about the film, and it is even signed by the director, Kamilah Forbes.

Afro Boho mirror

I have a bit of a bonus. I'm sharing my hand-painted DIY artwork. I purchased this mirror at the thrift store for ten bucks and transformed it with this unique, dope art design.

Afro Boho bedroom tour

I hope this Afro Boho bedroom room tour inspired you. Adding more elements of the Afro Boho design style to your home isn't hard. All you have to do is remember the five main characteristics. Let me know what you think about it in the comment section below.

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