4 Timeless Design Ideas For a Classic Home

Do you want to know how to create timeless designs in your home? I have four tips for you that will give your home a classic timeless design that will never be boring or look outdated.

Let me explain four simple concepts you can use in your timeless interior design plans.

Timeless kitchen design
Mixing metals in bathroom design
Mixing metals in kitchen design

1. Mix metal finishes

There isn't just one metal finish that reigns supreme in the timeless department. They ebb and flow in terms of trendiness, so why not embrace the uniqueness and interest of mixing metal finishes? It's a safe bet and makes things a lot more interesting.

Examples of timeless design
Timeless design
Displaying books as decor

2. Display books

Use books for a classic design. Choose books from your personal collection of reading material or coffee table books that speak to your interests, travels, or even your local area. Books always add that much-needed touch of hominess. (Except maybe this one, I don't believe we're all Tom Ford superfans.)

Pedestal and console sinks

3. Incorporate traditional design elements

Add aspects of traditional design, such as pedestal and console sinks…

Rolled arm sofas

and rolled arm sofas…

Picture frame molding

… to trim details like wainscoting and picture frame molding.

Antique decor
Adding antiques into design

4. More antiques

And of course, we can't forget about placing antiques in a classic home. I love incorporating small doses of these more traditional elements into more modern styles. It creates a nice balance of old meets new. They are called classics for a reason.

Timeless home design

Timeless home design

Now you have it–the elements that create a timeless home design. I hope you can see how easy it is to incorporate these ideas into your own space.

Let me know if you agree by leaving a comment. Let me know if you have more ideas on how to create a classic look for your home.

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