How to Do a Laundry Room Makeover on a Budget: 6 Easy Ideas

Would you like to do a DIY laundry room makeover on a budget? This is the hardest working room in my home. Let me show you how I tackled my laundry room makeover on a budget–a tight budget! You’ll learn some great laundry room makeover ideas for your own project.

Before (with new cabinetry)
Laundry room with cabinets
Cabinetry in a laundry room
Cabinet storage

Tip 1 Buy stock cabinetry

The old cabinets were showing their age. The finish was peeling and the doors were about to fall off their hinges. I kept the same layout because it really worked well for us. We bought stock cabinetry because they look good and they are cheap. To find some used cabinetry, look on Facebook Marketplace and Habitat for Humanity stores, as well.

Using upper cabinets for storage

Upper cabinets were a game changer, as well, for storing batteries, extra light bulbs, and other household items.

Peel and stick wallpaper
Installing peel-and-stick wallpaper

Tip 2 Install wallpaper for the wow factor

Wallpaper gave us the biggest bang for our buck in this laundry room makeover. I opted for peel-and-stick wallpaper that was on sale for $9 a package. I paid $72 for eight rolls of wallpaper.

New drawer pulls

Tip 3 Find new drawer pulls

I shopped at HomeGoods for new drawer pulls. They have endless styles and you can’t beat the price. I ended up buying these faux leather and gold pulls.

Vintage latch design

I added a vintage-inspired latch design on the upper cabinets for a classic touch.

Tray with jars

Tip 4 Shop your home for decor

I love ginger jars and I added them to a tray for the laundry room. On the tray, I also put a brush to get out stubborn stains. These ginger jars can also store things like dryer balls, dryer sheets, or loose change you find in pockets.

Blue, white, and gold color scheme

Tip 5 Choose a classic color combo

I chose blue, white, and gold as a classic color combination for my laundry room.

Adding wall art
Wall art next to the cabinets
Decorative ladder with a towel

Tip 6 Add art and whimsy

Take photos of vignettes you love and then frame them. Add whimsy and function by adding a decorative ladder that doubles as a drying rack. The idea is perfect for small spaces and they are so affordable. You can find them at home stores for under $40.

Laundry room with a folding station

Tip 7 Add a folding station

The best addition to this room was adding a simple surface to use as a folding station so I could immediately fold clothes straight from the dryer.

Laundry room makeover

I hope you found a tip or two you can use for a laundry room makeover. This room makeover inspired me to get my home in order. Leave me a comment to let me know what you think of this laundry room makeover on a budget.

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  • Pam Merkel Pam Merkel on Apr 25, 2024
    love it!
  • Diane Diane on Apr 26, 2024
    I love this. I want to do something with mine. It's in the basement, but I am excited to come up with some creative ideas.. I can make it work.