HomeGoods Shopping Guide: Buy This, Not That!

HomeGoods is a treasure trove for affordable home decor, but navigating its vast selection can be tricky.

So I was so pleased to come across this video from Kristen McGowan that shares tips on what to prioritize and avoid while shopping at HomeGoods: HOMEGOODS BUY THIS NOT THAT TO MAKE YOUR HOME LOOK EXPENSIVE.

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Buy This:

  • Large-scale shelving units: Skip the flimsy small shelves and opt for substantial closed storage or floating shelves.

  • Handmade decorative accessories: Look for unique vases, sculptures, and coffee table books with texture and character.

  • Large, heavy mirrors: Choose mirrors with a width of at least 30 inches for a grand look. Opt for metal frames over cheap plastic ones.

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  • Stone bath mats: Ditch the small bath mats and choose super absorbent stone mats for a clean and minimal look.
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  • Curtains with pocket rod seams: These allow for easy customization and a more polished look. Avoid curtains with grommets.

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  • Rugs hanging on display: This usually indicates a brand-name rug at a discounted price. Look for rugs with patterns and textures, avoiding small, pre-rolled shag rugs.

  • Swivel chairs with depth and weight: Opt for fully upholstered chairs for a more expensive look.

  • Throw pillows with soft, plush finishes and integrated patterns: Avoid pillows with shiny or fake metallic finishes.

  • Lamp bases with white lamp shades: This combination provides the most light and a clean look. Consider metal shades for focused lighting.

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Skip That:

  • Small, flimsy shelving units: They appear cheap and cluttered.

  • Vases and decorative items with excessive embellishments: Opt for simpler pieces with a more organic look.

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  • Gold mirrors with plastic frames: These look cheap.

  • Small bath mats: They appear insignificant.

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  • Curtains with grommets: They have a store-bought look.

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  • Small, pre-rolled shag rugs: They lack quality and a designer look.

  • Rugs with patterns that snag easily: Opt for well-made rugs.

  • Metal-based chairs: They can look inexpensive.

  • Throw pillows with fake metallic finishes: They appear cheap.

  • Lamps with beige or black shades: They make a space look dark.

By following these tips, you can maximize your HomeGoods shopping experience and find stylish décor without breaking the bank.

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  • Karen Karen on May 29, 2024
    Really enjoyed the walk thru and suggestions. I’m having a hard time finding a small rectangle dark wood end table with a drawer reasonably priced.
  • Ann69234472 Ann69234472 on May 29, 2024
    Grommet curtains hung on proper rods at right height with enough fullness look absolutely gorgeous! Better than pinch pleat hanging haphazardly!