How to Design a Home for Pets & People

Pets can be our best friends, but designing our homes around them can be a challenge. Let's explore some common challenges and solutions to create a home that works for both you and your furry (or feathery) companions!

1. Keeping Everyone Clean

There are two sides to this coin: keeping your pets clean and keeping your home clean.

Regularly brushing or bathing your pet helps manage fur, shedding, and doggy odor. Keeping nails trimmed prevents scratches on furniture and floors.

Consider regular professional grooming for longer-haired breeds. Invest in washable pet bedding and wash it frequently.

Vacuuming regularly is a must to remove fur from furniture and floors.

Robot vacuums can be convenient, but be prepared for your cat to see it as a new toy!

White vinegar is a cheap and effective solution for cleaning up pet messes. It removes stains, neutralizes odors, and is non-toxic.

2. Choosing the Right Materials

Flooring is a big decision with pets. Carpet traps fur, odors, and stains. Opt for hard floors – wood can work if spills are cleaned up immediately, but scratches are a concern.

Natural stone is more durable but can stain.

Porcelain tile is the best option – it's waterproof, scratch-resistant, and comes in various styles like wood and stone.

Add area rugs for softness – choose inexpensive woven styles you can easily replace, or washable rugs in great designs.

For furniture, look for easy-clean, pet-friendly performance fabrics. These durable synthetics resist stains, odors, bacteria, and dirt.

Consider furniture with removable covers or slipcovers for easy washing. Stain-resistant leather is another good option.

Window coverings need to consider your pet's behavior. Dogs might pee on curtains, and cats like to climb and perch.

Keep drapes 1/4 inch off the floor to prevent puddles, but this won't stop climbing or peeing.

Opt for washable curtains if occasional accidents are a concern, but climbing might necessitate shades or shutters.

Paint doesn't have to be limited to high-sheen, cleanable finishes. Most major brands offer durable flat and matte finishes that clean up well.

3. Furniture and Decor with Pets in Mind

Glass shows nose prints, light and loose items can be toppled, and pretty things are irresistible to bat off shelves.

Choose furniture and decor with your pet's personality in mind. Over time, you'll develop an instinct for what works.

Plants can also be a challenge. The ASPCA has a comprehensive database of toxic and non-toxic plants – I've linked it below for your reference.

4. Design Solutions for Pet Lovers

The good news is there are stylish and functional solutions for integrating your pet's needs into your home design.

From built-in dog washing stations and feeding stations to chic beds, crates, and litter boxes, there are options for all styles and budgets.

I've included some inspiring examples below and you can find links to these products in the video description box here.

Let me know in the comments how you design your home around your pets! If you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up and consider subscribing for more design inspiration. Thanks for watching, and I'll see you next time!

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