How I Know When My Home Needs a Makeover: 7 Clear Signs

I hear it often: how do I tell if my home needs a makeover? When you live in the same apartment for a couple of years, it's only normal for the house and everything in it to deteriorate.

Remember when you moved into your new apartment or when you had the lavish housewarming party for your newly completed building? I'll share clear signs that tell you when it's time to remodel or do a simple makeover.

Let's talk about seven clear signs that tell you when it's time to remodel or do a mini makeover.

1. When you are no longer comfortable inviting friends over

If your friend calls you and says hey, I'm in your hood. I want to stop by, and your mind goes, "Should I say I'm home or should I say I'm not, and they say I'm not home and I'll be around for a while," or even if you eventually let your friends come in you'll be giving them flimsy excuses why things are broken.

You say," Oh, that thing is torn or broken; I need to fix it—just flimsy excuses. If you find yourself in that situation, you need a makeover.

Cluttered apartment

2. When your apartment is too cluttered or too empty

You tend to have more clutter the longer you stay in an apartment. Maybe when you moved in, you planned to have it as minimalist as possible, but then you kept buying and buying, and you just kept buying, and right now, everywhere is so cluttered.

Empty-looking apartment

I also know a couple of guys who have been in the same apartment for two years, and it still looks like they're just moving in.

Things have not been properly placed, and everywhere is still empty. It's not like they are intentionally minimalist, but why do you find it so hard to plan and decorate your homes?

So, if you find yourself in the too-empty or too-cluttered category, you certainly need a makeover.

Feeling uninspired at home

3. If you begin to feel uninspired at home

So you get home, and you're just back into this boring, annoying space, and that's not right because your home is supposed to be cozy and a place where you find a respite.

I don't know if new things excite you as much as they excite me, but I make a deliberate effort to buy something new to switch things up as often as possible to keep the place exciting. So, if you're beginning to feel uninspired and bored at home, it's a clear sign that you need a makeover.

Faded paints and cracked walls

4. Faded paints and cracked walls

How do you justify not painting your house for three years? At some point, you need to repaint, fill up the cracks, and touch up your walls. So if you can see faded paint, cracks, and moisture on your wall, it's a clear sign that you need to remodel because while the paint is fading, the interior and everything in it will fall apart.

5. Outdated home interior

Your old homes that were beautifully designed years ago and never updated would need a facelift. The world has advanced, and your home is still chilling in the early 90s. The sofa, the dining set, and the general interior look really out of date. You certainly need to give yourself a treat and a makeover ASAP.

6. Remodeling because of lifestyle changes

Remodeling for more or less. I visited home after a couple of years, and the moment I got in, I just knew that this place needed a makeover. So we used to be about seven in the house, and then it became just two people. Because spaces are designed for people, it is only normal to design a space to suit the current home users.

The same also applies when you have more people. Like when you begin to have children, grandchildren, grandparents, in-laws, and more friends coming around. It's normal to redecorate and design the space to have more people in the house.

Does my home need a makeover?

7. Constantly looking at beautiful home decor pics online

Either you need a new apartment or are tired of your current home. If you need a new space, then it's okay to move, especially if you have the money, but if you don't, why not just redecorate or redesign and give your current space a facelift? I'm sure you'll love it like a new place.

Does my home need a makeover?

So, ladies and gentlemen, if you have begun to wonder how to tell if my home needs a makeover, go back through the signs above. Are you considering a home makeover? Share your reasons and ideas in the comments below.

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  • Christy Christy on Jan 19, 2024
    I know exactly what will give me a new perperspective on my home, and that is repainting the walls, something I'm planning on doing next month
  • Sharon Codner Sharon Codner on Jan 19, 2024
    OK, I checked off every single item on the list. Yikes! Sad. I guess I better get busy. Thanks for the inspo.