The Best Paint Colors for Selling a House: Neutrals Vs Color

Hello everyone, Mark Martino here with Verbatim Real Estate, and today, I am with Vanessa Nielsen with Encore Staging Services. I am here for the first time in her new office.

Sellers always ask what the best paint colors for selling a house are. We're here to help you choose the right colors.

Off-white walls

Color vs neutrals

The first thing I noticed was the blue wall. I love the color. Vanessa also loves color, but she does want listings to be neutralized.

The reason she's using color in her office but suggesting neutrals for selling is that the color was made for her and is a personal preference. This is based on her personality and based on the mood that she's in.

Interior design with a neutral palette

Why a neutral palette?

However, when you're selling real estate, that's exactly why we want you to neutralize things.

We want a neutral palette to appeal to the highest number of people. We want people to come in and focus on the design, not on the color because the color is emotional and it's distracting.

Neutral-colored walls

Personally, I often want to put in some pieces with mochas, grays, or some of these other popular colors you always see.

I have to say, I'm always amazed by the furniture and the action pieces Vanessa brings into my listings, and it looks amazing on neutral-colored walls.

Minimal design for selling a home

Less is more

So, less color means we can focus on the design that we put together. We want people to see the possibilities of what they can bring into their home after they buy it, having been inspired by the design.

White kitchen

So they'll see more real estate space when they don't get distracted with other things.

Just stick with the neutrals. Stick with the neutrals, and don't worry about what color each wall should be. It's going to help you stay within budget when you don't have the painter changing out different colors for this wall and that wall.

I know sellers and agents; whoever pays for those renovations they have a budget to stick with. We'll go with the neutrals. I can still do color at my own home, though. You can do this in your own home, and when you're ready to sell it, then you can call me, and then I'll have to paint it neutral.

The best paint colors for selling a house

Remember, when choosing the best paint colors for selling a house, you’re better off having the furniture and accent pieces pop against a neutral background.

Would you prefer a home with neutral colors or would you choose a more vibrant palette? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  • Dee Dee on Nov 11, 2023
    I really do see what they are saying, years ago we were looking to move to a larger home. One house was hard and fast NO! The 2 kids rooms were Barbie pink and bright lavender...and the kids had stuck little girlish stickers (the kind that pull off paint when removed) all over the walls. I had 2 boys who did not want either colour, no time to paint, a full time job with a longer commute from this house and a husband who would not pay for a painter. If those rooms were just about any other colors we might have put in an offer. We ended up in a brand new house farther out of town, but with a better commute for both of us. The main floor walls were a light griege. The bedrooms were a light putty colour. I loved how everything looked good with those colors. When we sold, the purchasers liked the neutral colours too.
  • Mon86500516 Mon86500516 on Nov 12, 2023
    Have to say I HATE the incredibly common clinical white and grey palette used by many at the moment. understand the need to avoid lots of colour but think a neutral background with colour accents - think white/cream/gold/blue in that order of frequency and you have something with warmth and vibrancy to give a room LIFE.