Why Neutral House Paint Colors Help Sell Your Home (& Other Tips)

What's wrong with having some color when you’re trying to sell your house? Or, should you stick with neutral house paint colors? Check out what I did to stage this house to make the seller love it and potential buyers remember this home.

Colorful furniture

1. Too much color?

A client contacted me about a house he was selling that needed staging.

He had another stager who used very colorful furniture and the house seller thought it was too much. He thought the color took the eye away from the architecture and layout of the home. That’s why he called me–to neutralize the palette and show off the home.

Pops of yellow and color

2. Too much yellow?

I noticed they had two yellow accent chairs and a bold painting and it may have been too much color. There was too much brightness that the seller didn’t want.

Low couch with low windows
Marking sure the couch doesn't block the low windows

3. Don’t block windows

The window sills were low, at only 30 inches high so we had to bring in something that wasn’t going to block the nice features of the home.

Adding more accent pillows for a luxury look

4. Add accent pillows

A quick tip: When we want a fluffier, more luxurious look, we layer the bed with a lot of accent pillows.

Furniture in scale with the living room

5. The tour

I met the client’s real estate agent and he was happy with everything. I explained that we brought in furniture that was in scale with the room and not too big and bulky. He thought there was plenty of room to walk in the living room.

Dining area next to the open-plan kitchen
Glass dining table

6. Why I chose a glass dining table

I also put a round glass dining room table in the space for an airy feeling and to help the flow. I thought having a solid dining table would make it look like there was too much furniture in the space.

Backless stools in the kitchen

7. Why I chose backless stools

I brought in backless bar stools to the kitchen island. Anything with backs would feel too much and like it was blocking the passage, which is not very wide.

Kitchen with dark cabinets
Neutral design with dark accents
Balancing dark colors with neutral colors

8. Balancing dark colors

To balance out the dark cabinets in the kitchen, I added dark tables and accessories in the living room, while still making it feel very airy.

Family room with neutral decor
Spacious family room

9. Reimagining the space

Here’s a great, spacious family room that the owner used as a dining room.

Bedroom with blue and neutral colors
Master bedroom with blue and neutral colors

10. The master bedroom

Upstairs, the blue bedroom is very spacious. We combined blue with neutral colors. The queen-sized bed fits the space. I opened up the space near the window, adding accent chairs.

Bedroom with twin beds
Kids' twin bedroom

11. The kids’ bedroom

The other bedroom looks spacious with two twin beds plus a desk.

Boho-style bedroom

12. The third bedroom

The third bedroom is a boho-style room. The layout of this bedroom is really funky right here with this niche so we are doing some boho-style. I put a queen-sized bed in the niche. I was going to put it under the window but the bed was too high.

Outdoor furniture
Patio setup

13. The patio setup

The patio downstairs is set up, too. We wanted people to be able to see something immediately when they looked out the French doors to the patio. You want to capture their first impression.

How to use neutral house paint colors to sell your home

There you have it! We tried to tie in nice design and function so the buyers could envision their new space. We used both bold colors and neutral house paint colors to open it up. So the best paint colors for selling a house depend on the house and specifically the rooms, themselves.

You don’t have to paint your walls white before selling your house. Just look at how to help the buyers envision themselves in the space without making it too personalized.

I hope you like the way we staged this house. Do you think we used the best paint colors to sell this house? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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  • Chickchoc Chickchoc on Feb 13, 2024
    The sellers of my house painted the interior in Swiss Cream, a very neutral color but NOT appropriate for the light bouncing off the hemlock surrounding the house. The walls looked dirty and dingy. I repainted with a medium grey green I originally thought was too dark. The result was a LlGHTER impression although the paint I chose was a much darker value. Lesson learned: Neutrals are not always the best to sell a home.