Christmas Decorations in the Dining Room: Hutch Decor & Tablescapes

Today, I'm doing Christmas decorations in my dining room. I have already decorated this hutch because there are a lot of little things, and I will show and go over what I have on here. We will be decorating my table, and I can't wait to put my dining room table together. I think it's adorable, and I hope that you do too.

Without any further ado, go ahead and get your favorite liquid therapy, sit back, and let's get this dining room decorated so we can move on. I'm looking forward to that grand tour and sharing that with you, so I can't wait. I appreciate each and every one of you for being here.

Christmas decorations in the dining room

Galvanized deer ornaments

Christmas hutch

On the top shelf of my hutch, I have my galvanized deer that I got several years ago from Walmart.

I also have a galvanized house with a candle on the left, which came from Walmart years ago. My stoneware is thrifted, and I just added a little tree.

Christmas hutch decor ideas

On the next two shelves, I just added a wreath with a couple of the galvanized bells hanging there in the middle of it.

I have a couple of the large galvanized ornaments in the bowls, and I added some snowflakes this year. I also added some bottle brush trees and lots of galvanized ornaments placed in the cups.

Galvanized Christmas decor

On the bottom shelf, I have some of my extra dishes sitting there, and I added my galvanized cloche with some galvanized ornaments that look like pine cones, and then I have a little snowflake back there.

The galvanized display holds a couple of trees and some buffalo check ribbon, and that is placed on an ironstone platter.

Rooster statuette and vintage rolling pings in a country crop

My rooster sits on the floor under the hutch, all proud, sitting up on a stand. Then I have my vintage rolling pins in my old country crop.

Dining room table

Moving over to my dining room table, I got this runner from Hobby Lobby, and I'm going to add it to my Christmas decorations. If you remember, I did the dough bowls, and this is the one that I picked for the center of my table. Next, I am adding my chargers, and those are from Hobby Lobby.

Setting the dining table for Christmas

The dishware set that I'm adding I got from

Black and white Christmas tablescape

I'm adding some Buffalo check napkins that I got from Hobby Lobby.

Christmas tablescape

Although I'm not adding silverware to this tablescape today, I am adding the saucers on top of the napkins, and next, from Hobby Lobby, are six little wreaths in dark colors.

I'm adding one to each plate to go around my centerpiece; I found these candles at Hobby Lobby. Here are my adorable little nutcrackers.

Christmas table decorations in black and white

They got spray painted all black and will be placed in the center of each plate.

Dining room decorated for Christmas

Decorating a dining room for Christmas

I hope you found the Christmas decorations in my dining room inspirational. What ideas do you have for decorating your dining room this Christmas? Share your style in the comments below.

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  • Pam Pam on Nov 24, 2023
    No, too dark. I do love mixing in the black candlesticks with red and white decor
  • Jan Jan on Nov 24, 2023
    This is lovely but not practical. There is no room on the table for the food dishes!