How to Style a Fall Farmhouse Tablescape & Dining Room Decor

Today, we're going to be working on decorating my dining room table for the fall of 2023. The change in season is the perfect time to create a farmhouse tablescape in your home.

By seeing the fall tablescape ideas I’m showing off today, you will have plenty of inspiration to create your own, just in time for the weather and foliage to change.

Farmhouse dining room table

This is my farmhouse dining room table. It is from the Homecoming Collection by Kincaid. And while it’s no longer available, you might be able to find a few pieces here and there. I got the chair cushions with it when I requested the set.

Now, this is a very soft wood. You probably see a lot of scratches on it, but that just adds character to me. It is an antique pine, and I just love the color.

I wanted the dark and the light chairs mixed. I don't know. I just liked it that way. I love the big, thick farmhouse legs of this farmhouse table. So, let's just go ahead and start getting it decorated.

Buffalo check table spread

Buffalo check table spread

The first item I have added to my table is one of my favorite farmhouse tablescape ideas because it softens it up a little. It is this sage and ivory or cream-colored buffalo check linen table spread.

I got that from Amazon, and since it is linen, and I can't handle that smell when it's stored in plastic, I have already washed, dried, and pressed it. I don't like all the wrinkles you can see there where I've had it folded, but those will work themselves out. Plus, I will also be placing items on top of that tablecloth.

Adding placemats to the tablescape

Table runners

The next items that I added were these table runners or placemats from Hobby Lobby. I thought that they would give just a little bit of softness as I continued to decorate my dining room table.

Sandra Lee plates

Sandra Lee plates

The next items that I added are Sandra Lee plates. These are the ones that I did not end up using over on my hutch, which I originally bought them for when I was decorating because I used sage and ivory plates in there instead.

Homemade napkins with a quilted pattern

Homemade napkins

The next item that I added to my fall tablescape was homemade napkins. I used a white cotton fabric on the back, and I quilted it.

Santa Barbara bowl white wood bowl

Santa Barbara bowl

In my centerpiece, is a Santa Barbara wood bowl. It's almost a white color, but it is actually a natural wood.

Faux artichokes in the middle of the table

Faux artichokes

I also bought some faux artichokes. I got two packages of those from Amazon, and I love how they look. My husband likes something low sitting on the table, so when we're talking to each other, he's not having to look around for something. So I try to keep it low and keep everybody happy.

Metal and glass vase with a zinnia flower

Metal and glass vase

My sister-in-law gave me a little vase that has some sage leaves in it, which makes it perfect for fall tablescapes. It's metal and glass. And I went out and picked a little zinnia flower that's growing out on my back deck, so I could add that to that vase and enjoy it on my table for as long as I can.

Sandra Lee mugs on the plates

Sandra Lee mugs

I also decided to go ahead and pull the Sandra Lee mugs from the hutch and add them on the plates. I could put the artichokes on there, but I like the way that it looks.

Leaf vase from Alewine Pottery

Leaf vase

On the other side of the bowl of artichokes is a little vase with a leaf on it. I got down in Tennessee from Alewine Pottery, and that is called the Rebecca vase.

Farmhouse tablescape fo rfall

Farmhouse tablescape

I hope that my decorating experience today has inspired you to decorate your own home and make it warm and cozy for you and your family. Share your favorite pieces in my farmhouse tablescape down below.

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