12 Farmhouse Fall Decor Items For 2023 Available on Amazon

Farmhouse fall decor doesn’t have to be the same old colors every single year. So I’ll share some farmhouse fall decor ideas with you that are unique and on trend for 2023.

Everything I have here is on my Fall 2023 Decorating Ideas list on Amazon. I knew what color and theme I was going with, so I have been shopping over a few months, finding different things, putting in little orders, and now I have it here to share with you today.

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I know most of you are curious: what color did I pick for this year? Well, you might be a little surprised. My color for fall 2023 is sage green.

Natural wood bowl

1. Natural wood bowl

I just love this n atural wood bowl. It's really light, and this is the largest one they have for sale. You may be thinking, well, what does this have to do with sage?

Natural wood bowl with faux artichokes

I am adding faux artichokes to the bowl, and look how realistic they look. I may add two boxes of them, and I don't know if I'll add something more like a little white pumpkin or something like that. But how adorable. I just love it.

Accent pillow

2. Accent pillow

I ordered this accent pillow a while back and love this color. I love the wood buttons since they are really rustic-looking.

Accent pillow with "blessed" sign

On the other side, it says blessed. I'm unsure if this is going in my living room or bedroom.

Fall throw

3. Throw

I think I've got to get a new throw for every season, but I love them. I can never get too many of my own, and I just love this green. It's a little on the darker side. It might even be considered more of an olive, but I love the color.

Mutegreen throw

It's sort of muted green and how adorable when you have this color with a light-colored orange pumpkin or the white pumpkins. It also has some nice tassels at the end.

Fall buffalo check tablecloth

4. Tablecloth

Ever since the summertime, I have put a tablecloth on my table, so for the fall, I decided that I really did want to cover it again, and this is what I found. This tablecloth is in a buffalo check in the sage and off-white, and this should fit my table.

Can you imagine seeing it together with the natural wood bowl and artichokes?

Rug for fall

5. Rug

I also found a rug for my fall farmhouse decorations. I'm not really happy with this rug though. I've had it laid out for quite some time, and I can't get the kinks out. I'm not crazy about using two-sided tape on my wood floors. I thought about taking it out on my deck in the sun and seeing if that won't soften it up a little. Tips are welcome!

Curtains for fall

6. Curtains

These are the curtains for my kitchen. When they get opened, I like to go ahead and wash, dry, and press mine. The smell of the plastic that they're stored in just really gets to me. These came in a set of two, and I didn't want just cotton.

Decorative pillows for fall

7. Decorative pillows

I got two of these decorative pillows, and they're just so fuzzy. They're in this sage green, or maybe it looks olive to you, but we'll call it sage.

Back of the pillow cases

The back has a microfiber feel, but I really love the front. It's almost got that chenille look. I got two of these for my sofa.

Flannel throw

8. Flannel throw

I got this flannel throw for my sofa. It is really soft, and it’s just ready for cool, crisp fall mornings and nights. I want to throw this over the back of my sofa. It’s 50 inches by 70 inches in sage green.

Egg-shaped lamp

9. Lamp

This next item is a small, white lamp for my hutch. You can see that it's not very big. It almost looks like a little egg-shaped vase.

Lamp with cord

It has an on and off switch and an extra long cord as well.

Pillow cover

10. Pillow cover

There's a little pillow that stays on my bench, and I usually get a new pillow cover for different seasons. Now this one really doesn’t have anything to do with sage green. I'll probably put a green pumpkin there, but I love these tassels.

Cast iron warmer

11. Cast iron warmer

Now, this next item doesn’t really have anything to do with fall, but when I saw it, I just fell in love with it. It's a cast iron warmer with a chicken lid. This is actually what they call a steamer, a chicken steamer. How adorable. But I just loved it for my farmhouse kitchen, and I'm not sure how I'm going to decorate with it.

Bedspread for fall

12. Bedspread

The first time I ordered this new king-size ruffle skirted bedspread, it looked like a really light yellow even though I ordered it in ivory. So, I ordered the white version next, and it looks more like ivory to me. So, I can't wait to share how I put this on my bed and how I'm gonna dress it up for fall.

Fall farmhouse decor 2023

These are all the items in my fall 2023 haul. Farmhouse fall decor is so much fun, and I can't wait to start decorating.

I hope that each and every one of you have enjoyed your summer, and are getting ready for the change in seasons. Share your favorite pieces from my fall farmhouse decor haul in the comments section down below.

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