Take a Tour Around This Cottage Farmhouse in South Georgia

Today we have a tour that we shared previously last year, and I am so thrilled to have her back. It's Stephanie from Cotton Blue Cottage, and she has a beautiful home in South Georgia that has the perfect cottage farmhouse feel.

I love the exterior for sure, but I love the farmhouse cottage interior just as much. So you all are definitely going to enjoy today's tour. Without further ado, let's get started:

Cotton Blue Cottage

This beautiful home was built back in 2018 on family land.

Living room

When it was built back in 2018, we knew we wanted a farmhouse-cottage-style home that was super simple in architecture, almost like it had been there forever.


So we incorporated a lot of shiplap and used very neutral colors.

Seating area
Living room from another angle

The house has a wraparound porch out front, which is very Southern and kind of looks old with the X detailing. Thanks to all the windows and doors, you can easily see out onto the porch from inside.


Down the hallway, you enter the master bedroom area, and then you turn the corner to go upstairs.

Kitchen design

When we designed the kitchen, we wanted it to be a major focal point. As you're walking in the front doors, it's one of the first things that you see. So we added the shiplap on the back wall as an accent and made everything else super symmetrical.

Open shelving in the kitchen

We also wanted to do open shelving as we use all of those dishes stacked there daily. The stuff on the top shelf is farmhouse cottage decor, and it's kind of simple.

Little table as a kitchen island with seating

We recently added this little table in the middle with a couple of bar stools underneath. It acts as extra seating or a space for talking while you are cooking since we gather in this space often.

Master bedroom

This is the master bedroom. It's painted in Benjamin Moore's Beacon Gray.

Antique doors

We added some antique doors.

Master bathroom

This is the master bathroom, which has Benjamin Moore's Lily White on the walls. It's a shade lighter than the Beacon Gray.

Pedestal tub in the bathroom

There's a pedestal tub, tub filler, and a marble tile on the floor.

Distressed mirrors on the vanity

For a little bit of change, we installed mirrors on both sides of the vanity that are heavily distressed.

Towel holder with X's

We also added a towel holder that resembles the X's on the front porch.

Chandelier in the bathroom

Plus, there's a fun chandelier that draws the eyes upward.

Hat wall

When you get to the top of the stairs, you will see a fun hat wall that has hats from a lot of our family members. Some of them are hats that we still wear to the beach, but a lot are from family members who have passed away. It was a fun way to remember them and think about them every day.

Little girl's bedroom

Our youngest daughter's bedroom has a daybed with a trundle.

Girl bedroom

She has a little study area in the corner and a little bookshelf.

Cute girly wallpaper

This is her en suite. We used Lilly Pulitzer's Elephant Bazaar by Lee Jofa wallpaper on the walls.

Hallway to the other bedroom

When you turn the corner and come down the hallway, you will see our oldest daughter's bedroom.

Older girl's bedroom

It was redecorated last year as she's getting a little bit older and wanted something a bit more grown-up.

Canopy-style bed

So we bought in a canopy-style bed with some sheer drapes on the side.

Laura Park duvet cover and pillow

We also added the Laura Park duvet cover and pillow.

Bathroom with beadboard and wallpaper

In her bathroom, we included both beadboard and wallpaper, which is also by Lilly Pulitzer for Lee Jofa.

Homemade girls' playhouse

Stepping outside, this is the girls' playhouse. It looks similar to the main house. We built it the year we moved in.

Outdoor space for entertaining guests

We have an outdoor space where they like to hang out, have dinners, and entertain guests.

View of the house from the side

This is probably one of our favorite views of the house. The hips and valleys of the roofline have so many different angles. You can see a pergola and our cat, Bella, outside.

Cottage farmhouse

We recently planted those limelight hydrangeas. They're the miniature ones, and they get a lot of rain on this side of their house, especially since it's downhill, so they seem to do well in the summer.

Cottage farmhouse tour

I hope you all enjoyed today's cottage farmhouse tour. So much attention went into detail when designing this home, from the architecture all the way down to the farmhouse cottage decor.

Let me know what your favorite part of this beautiful home is in the comments down below.

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  • Lin27844211 Lin27844211 on Feb 06, 2024
    Where do you sit and eat ? Hopefully NOT at that tiny island/table in the kitchen. Do you ask guests to balance a plate on their laps in the lvingroom? Otherwise quite cute
    • Paulette King Paulette King on Feb 08, 2024
      You didn’t watch the video? There’s a dining table for 6 on the other side of the kitchen.
  • Dee Dee on Feb 06, 2024
    Loved home and children 💓