Sneaky Store Styling: Creating a Tablescape in At Home

This may be a little sneaky but we went into stores and styled their stuff! We found inspirational pieces and put them together in a vignette, tablescape, or display in the store and left it like that. We had a blast doing this and we hope you find some great ideas. Here’s what we did.

We chose this store because they have such a large variety of pretty spring colors to work with. We found that one key piece to motivate us, to get our juices flowing so we can style everything around it.

Our inspiration piece

We finally found a selection of these gorgeous tufted chairs with nail head trim and dark wood legs. We knew this would be our sneaky store styling inspiration.

The dining table

We needed to find a dining table…we chose this table so we could do our sneaky styling on a small scale. The table has the same color of wood as the chair legs. Now we had to do the heavy lifting and move the chairs to the table. The chairs are huge but luckily it was 3 p.m. in the store and there were not a lot of people there.


We also wanted to set the table and make it pretty. We found a beautiful blue beaded table runner, gold plastic utensils already wrapped in napkins, and gold chargers. We also decided to make the tablescape an intimate setting for two.


This Grace Mitchell collection of pottery caught our eye. Such beautiful detail! We knew we had to incorporate it into our tablescape. We chose a vase to hold the greenery and a large cream platter.


Off to the pillow department we went to find accent pieces for the chairs. There were so many pillow choices in stores it was almost overwhelming but it was organized by color which helped.


We also wanted to find a rug to complement the chairs and pretty blue color we are incorporating with the pillows. Once we put the pillows next to some of the rugs we were thinking about using, we could see what worked and what didn’t.

But we found a beautiful rug we loved with the exact color of the chairs in it plus the different tones of blue.


The selection in the floral department was amazing but we chose some springy greens. We loved this wreath we found but we didn’t know how to use it. (See how we used it in the reveal!)


We can’t forget the candles and the store has an enormous selection of candles and candle holders. We needed really tall ones so we chose these tall gold candle holders.

Putting it all together

We were at the point where we could start putting everything together. It was just too much fun. We were a little nervous because we weren’t sure if any of the associates would come over and ask us what we were doing! And you don’t know who’s watching from a camera! We were a little anxious but we went forward.

The reveal

How beautiful–a table for two.

We have to admit we love the sneaky store styling. It gives us ideas for our own homes and I hope it inspired you, too. Let us know in the comments if you’ve ever done anything like this…we promise we won’t tell!

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  • Lois Lois on Apr 14, 2024
    As someone who has worked retail in pretty much every aspect, this would be a headache, at least for me, since employees will have to take extra time now to put everything back where it came from. Quite possibly people setting up such unexpecteds pop-up "vignettes" could be unknowingly placing them in very inconvenient spots for the store. I would think this in-store merchandise styling should only take place if the store or company asks or approves for you to do it ahead of time.
  • Wendy Wendy on Apr 15, 2024
    Beautifully done. I work in retail as well. that would be an awful headache to put back. space is limited and open spaces like that are sometimes a necessity