Spring Dining Room Decor: Farmhouse Decorating Ideas

Today, I'm working on my house and setting out some new spring dining room decor. I went ahead and decorated my hutch, but we'll do all of the spring dining room table decorating together. I only got a few new things this year, but I did bring out a lot of things that I already had on hand, like my spring bunnies and, of course, my paperwhites. I just love those.

Now before getting started on the spring dining room table decor, I want to show you what I found here from Lowe's. These little galvanized bucket containers are full of spring flowers. This one has found the perfect spot there in front of my fireplace for spring.

The rest are going to be planted outside at some point. We are getting better weather, and I am enjoying the sunshine and the warmth.

After cleaning off my table, dusting all of my chairs, and putting new felt on the bottoms, let's go ahead and get started with some decorating.

I'm not going to put a spread on my table for spring this year, so the first thing I put on my table is this cutting board.

I want everything to be light, bright, and airy, so this vase is going in the center. The vase that I have came from Hobby Lobby and those Real Touch Tulips came from Amazon.

I'm adding a riser here with a little nest in the center of my table.

This is one of my new pieces this year. This is my professor bunny. I just love him. They had some mini ones as well, but I don’t want to overdo it. This is the complete center.

The next thing that I want to add is some placemats. I had these ones on hand already. I believe I picked them up from Hobby Lobby years ago, and they are light-colored wicker placemats that I'm getting a place ready for. I purposely leave the ends of the table open without decor so that Larry and I can sit there and have our meal without disrupting the other settings here on the table.

Next, I want to add layers. I've got my Sandra Lee thrifted plates, and I'm using four of them for this design. It's funny, this set that I found at a thrift store had like eight plates and eight saucers, but it only had four cups and four bowls. I make do with them though, and the other part of the set you can see over there on the hutch.

These napkins were some that I made last year. I still love the color. It's like a sage green to a light gray color.

And now, I want to layer my dishes and bowls.

I will also add a little carrot in each bowl to top off my tableware for spring.

I hope that in some way I have inspired you to decorate your own home for the spring season today.

I almost forgot that I took down the gather sign above my window here in the dining room area and added a natural-looking tobacco basket that I got from Hobby Lobby. I think it looks much better than the black gather sign that was up there.

Spring dining room

What do you think about my spring dining room decor for 2024? My favorite part is having a mixture of old and new items, all of which I love.

As you decorate your own space in the coming days, think back to my spring dining room as a starting point. What old and new items are you going to mix and match to create a fresh new look? Let me know in the comments section.

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