How to Style Spring Dining Room Decor on a Budget

As you can see, today we are going to be setting out some new spring dining room decor in my home.

I have my winter decor still out currently, but today I really want to take all of this down and do a nice refresh, sharing some of my favorite spring decorating ideas for a dining room table along the way.

Since March is coming up very soon, I want to change up the space before the new season hits. So this is an overview of some of the dining room spring decor items I will be using in this space.

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Decorating a dining room table for spring

1. Dining room table

To start out, we're going to go ahead and decorate my dining room table. So as you can see, I still have my winter decor out, but we're going to be giving this a brand-new look today. I like to keep my table pretty simple because we eat every meal here. But I love the look of a full-blown tablescape.

Macrame-style table runner

One of the pieces I will be using on my table is this macrame-style table runner. It is light in color, and it has tassels on the end.

Thrifted crock

I'll also be using this thrifted crock that I found at an antique store that is local to me.

Faux white tulips

I also have some tulips that I'm going to be using with it.

Large wicker charger

Then, I'm also going to be using this large wicker charger.

Easy spring centerpiece

This is how the dining room turned out overall.

Simple tablescape for spring

I love to keep a simple tablescape, so I think that this one is perfect for spring.

Thrifted hutch

2. Hutch

Next up, we are going to be decorating my hutch. I have a few pieces that I'm going to be changing out, totally rearranging, and revamping in the space for the warmer months ahead.

I thrifted this hutch last fall. Everything in this hutch, aside from like a couple of items, is all thrifted. I love to use lots of greenery and blues throughout my home, so you’ll be seeing that here.

Stack of books with a blue bowl

When I'm styling books in a space, I like to flip them around to where all you can see are the pages, and a little bit of the color on the binding pops through.


Decorating a hutch for spring

The first book has blue in it, the second one has black, and then the bottom one has white. I like to show the pages as well. I feel like it gives the room a little more of an aged feel and looks more lived in, which I really like.

Spring hutch

Here is the completed look for my hutch this spring.

Decorating a basket for spring

3. Floor space

The next space I'm going to be decorating is next to my hutch. I had this little arrangement with a basket and some winter-inspired florals and things like that. but I'm going to be changing it up for spring.

So I have a couple of bundles of thrifted florals that I found last year and then a basket as well. I want to just add some green to this space and add a little more life. That way it looks a little more bright and refreshing.

White flowers in a basket beside the hutch

And here is an overview of the hutch area. I really love how this turned out.

Wallspace by the window

4. Window

I have a few other areas in this room that I want to change up, one of them being the wall space by this window.

Thrifted wall art

A friend of mine actually bought this thrifted piece for me and that's what I am putting in this space.

Hanging wall art by the window

Here is what it looks like hanging up.

Swapping out a bar cart for a table

5. Corner

In another corner of my room, I have a bar cart, and I want it to feel lighter. So I'm going to be using another thrifted piece. It is a really pretty, very ornate table, and it is wooden.

Placing a faux plant on the table

So I want to place it here in this corner with a faux plant. The faux plant that I'm getting ready to show you is originally from Target.

Frames with floral prints

6. Wall space

On the wall above the plant, I have some Hobby Lobby purchases that I found last spring. These frames here have like a little floral print inside. I think they are very pretty and fit this space well.

Thrifted accent chair

7. Seating corner

Last but not least, there is a seating corner that we're going to be sprucing up in the dining room with a chair. So again, this is another thrifted piece.

Adding a throw to the chair

I want to brighten it up a little bit with a blanket and a pillow. The blanket is thrifted as well from a local antique store.

Adding a textured pillow cover

And the pillow has a pillow cover that you can purchase from Hobby Lobby.

Spring dining room decor

Here is an overview of the completed space. I think it feels so refreshing.

Spring dining room decor

I hope you enjoyed this spring decorate with me as much as I did. There are so many great options for spring dining room decor that look nice and are incredibly affordable.

What favorite pieces did you see me put out today? Share your thoughts down below.

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