My Modern Farmhouse Dining Room Makeover & Refresh

Welcome to my modern farmhouse dining room. Since moving into this home nearly six years ago, so much has been transformed as we moved into this home, completely unfinished. Check out all we've done.

Old dining room table

We started with a broken dining room table and eventually upgraded to a farm-style table that was obviously much too big for this space.

Added some DIY beams and covered the wall with shiplap. We ended up even changing out the chandelier.

On each side are slipcover chairs. They roll, and they are great. We love them. We got four of the chairs from Amazon. I still need to get a pot for that cute little tree back there, but it's so hidden that you just have never been able to see the base, and now that we're adding a new dining room table, we are most definitely going to need something for that.

Changing the space

Now, I genuinely don't feel like a lot needs to be changed in the space because even after these DIYs years ago, I feel like it is still my style, my family style, and I really, really love it.

Sometimes, it's just the simple touches, the simple changes that make the most of a space.

The freight company dropped off our dining room table.

The focus for this year is to create a very peaceful home. We have a lot going on as a family, and we want our home to be an oasis. Of course, there are going to be places in our home that are incredibly chaotic, but if we can simplify and make the actual furniture, just beautiful and functional and not get in the way, that would

be fantastic.

New dining room table

One of the things that I wanted to try was a circle dining room table, which has been a success. It's less bulky in the way, and it gives some great traffic points, so you're not running into things. It just fits the space really, really well.

Out of any furniture piece that I have ever purchased online, this is by far the easiest one I have ever assembled.

It felt like it honestly took no time at all, and I was able to, as you can see, put it together all by myself. I think there were a total of five bolts, three different sizes, and it was effortless, so my husband was able to come home without doing any projects, which I'm sure he appreciated.

Now, I'm bringing in the top portion.

It was very, very heavy, but luckily, the way you installed it was you put it flat on the floor with the bolt side up, and then the black part of the table legs you just put right on there. There are four screws that you need to put in, and I would say the most challenging part was flipping it over, but I had a pretty good balance with that, so I think I did pretty well with that.

One reason I went with this specific table was not just for looks. It also had to do with the dimensions. I wanted something that would be able to fit not only these beautiful black chairs, but I have my eye on a set of four slipcover chairs that all match and are very affordable. Also, if you spill on them, you wipe it up, and it doesn't soak through the material, and I really, really love that. The chairs that were on the edges I'm putting in the office space. So those are going to be fantastic for that area. They're also a great one to roll out if you need extra chairs.

So, the dimensions of this breakfast nook are extremely tight. I wanted to have a table that fits directly underneath the chandelier and right in the center of it, and I could still have chairs that pulled out with enough room.

As I said, it would work well with slipcover chairs if I'm able to get those.

I love the black in this space. It just adds a different color to it. All of these gold accents in this space are relatively new in the last year, which is those gold sconces in my chandelier.

I absolutely love the chandelier.

Here are those cute little chairs. They were under $50 for each chair.

So, it is a great deal, and that is an everyday price, which I think is fantastic. These are also from the same company that my rocking chairs are from on our front porch. I also gifted my mom a set of them for her house, and she loves them. I think the black accent looks beautiful.

Now, I'm going to move this table out of the way so you can get a better idea of what my farmhouse dining room looks like.

Modern farmhouse dining room

That’s the finished table with the chairs around it. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below. I would love to hear from you.

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