What is Modern Coastal Decor & How to Use It in Your Home

What is modern coastal decor? It’s a design style that blends the sleek minimalism of modern design with the beachy feel of coastal design creating spaces filled with clean lines, ocean hues, and a connection to nature.

Nature never goes out of style, so, if done right, modern coastal interior design is a style that you can enjoy and build on for as long as you love it. Let me tell you more.

There are many coasts around the world and different takes on coastal design. So let’s look at some common elements that can help bring in the surf, sand, and sky in a modern way.

1. Mood and atmosphere

Modern coastal design evokes the peaceful and natural feeling of a coastal environment with subtle references in furnishings, colors, and textures.

Make the most of natural light and views to play up the natural feel and resist the urge to overcrowd the space.

2. Color palette

A limited palette and minimalist approach to color make up a modern coastal design. Use a soft and subtle layering of neutral colors like soft whites, sandy browns, ocean blues, and accents of black for a modern look.

For a modern look, start with walls painted in warm white. This creates an understated and timeless backdrop for your space.

Layer in nature-inspired neutrals like light browns, varying shades of white, and pale grays.

Next, bring in cool blues to create the ocean feel and to balance the neutrals. The black accents, like hardware and decorative pieces, bring contrast and interest to the light color palette and add to the modern look.  

3. Furniture

Slipcovered furniture can look modern, yet soft and relaxed–perfect for a modern coastal aesthetic.

Pair them with light to medium woods for a light and air feel.

Add in chairs and tables made of woven materials like rattan and seagrass.

4. Natural textures

In addition to furniture, add a warm and natural feel with woven decor, such as jute rugs and rattan light fixtures to seagrass and wicker accessories of all types.

Linen fits in perfectly with the casual, relaxed feel of the coastal aesthetic. Its natural textural look and lived-in appearance help give your space a crisp, yet cozy vibe.

Add a few plants for added texture and coolness.

5. Simple and subtle

It’s tempting to load up on coastal-inspired decor because there’s so much out there. But keeping with the modern less-is-more aesthetic, select a few pieces that speak to you and blend them into your space.

Invoke the surf, sand, and sky with abstract pieces, muted photography, and pieces inspired by the sea.

Modern coastal decor

That’s how you design a modern coastal living room, bedroom, or even a kitchen. It’s a subtle layering of inspired colors and textures. Let me know what you think of modern coastal decor in the comments below.

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  • Patricia Haley Patricia Haley on May 21, 2024
    Beautiful...but, why so much white furniture? Mostly there are no more living rooms that no one dare enter. Probably not a good idea if one has pets or children or snack on the sofa. Slipcovers? My experience has been the bulk for cleaning and the fact that if they shrink even a bit, are very difficult fitting them back on. I have coastal decor, opting for a light gray fabric sofa that can be surfaced cleaned. To accessorize, I used white, turquoise, and a splash of navy. Lots of light and I like color.