How to Use Moss to Make a Cute Spring Table Arrangement

Moss is so simple and so pretty to use for decorating. Not convinced that moss is super pretty? Look how I turned one moss plant into a centerpiece for my outdoor table in a few minutes. I found some moss from Home Depot.

I took a hanging planter filled with plants and divided and planted it in various planters. I have a fake white stump planter, which is more interesting than terra-cotta. I love the look of a simple green plant in a white pot.

I took off the hanger part of the planter and removed the plants from the plastic planter.

This plant divided very easily once it was out of the pot.

I divided the plant in half and then put half of it in the white pot. I pointed some of the greenery over the side of the planter to cascade a bit. I added a smaller clump on the other side of the pot.

Overall, I want to accomplish a lush, simple green planter with this beautiful faux wood and let it work together as a vignette. My faux wood planter does not have drainage holes.

Not all planters have to have drainage holes if you are careful with your watering. Just be careful of overwatering. This plant likes to stay pretty wet, so it should be safe in the planter.

I pulled off as many roots as I could so I could stick another clump into a smaller piece of thrifted pottery. They make the cutest planters and great focal point on a table.

It’s that simple to create a tabletop arrangement with moss. What do you think of using moss to decorate with? Do you use moss for any decorating projects in your home? Let me know in the comments.

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  • Nancy Nancy on Mar 19, 2024
    Thank you for posting. You have very good points that have helped me with some choices I was considering.
  • Laura Laura on Mar 23, 2024
    Our most common local moss is flat, soft and leafless. It's less than brilliant green. There's about an eighth of an inch of soil under it if I pull it from its surface, which it does easily. I can move it around to moist, north facing surfaces. It never struck me as anything I could plant in a pot. Does anyone have other ideas?