Christmas Dough Bowl Ideas You Can Easily Recreate at Home

One of the questions I come across a lot is, how to decorate a dough bowl for Christmas? So today, I’m going to share Christmas dough bowl ideas anyone can recreate at home.

The beauty of these Christmas dough bowl arrangements is that all of them can be used for decor purposes at your own house, or they can be given to friends and family members as a fun and unique gift.

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Small Christmas dough bowl

Small Christmas dough bowl

This first dough bowl came from Hobby Lobby, and it’s the smallest one of the three I own. You can find a similar one on Amazon here.)

Adding red ornaments to a dough bowl


To give it a good base layer, I suggest adding some of your favorite colored ornaments first.

Using ribbon as dough bowl Christmas decor


If you want to dress it up, you can add some ribbon from the Dollar Tree and fluff it up to make a nice little bow, just as I’ve done here.

Red berries and ornaments in a small dough bowl


For a more primitive style, I’m including some sprigs of berries, which look quite nice.

Birch wood logs in a small dough bowl

Birch wood logs

Another option is to create a base layer out of birch wood logs from Hobby Lobby. You could then add in the little bow and a touch of greenery.

Small Christmas dough bowl arrangement

Sleigh ornament & greenery

Option three is to get a sleigh ornament at Hobby Lobby and add a touch of greenery and berries around it to complete the look.

Basket for the candle

Candle in a basket

Next up, I have this little joy basket ornament from Hobby Lobby. I'm going to use it as a base since the small dough bowl is rounded at the bottom. This will allow my candle to sit in there nicely.

Christmas dough bowl candle in a basket

Christmas dough bowl candles look well put together when you have a candle ring placed around them, creating a simple yet festive look.

Christmas dough bowl candle in a wreath

Candle with greenery

You could also add greenery around the candle to bring nature indoors.

Medium Christmas dough bowl

Medium-sized dough bowl

Medium-sized dough bowl

If you’ve purchased a medium-sized bowl, like the one I have, here are some dough bowl Christmas decor ideas you can try out at home.

Adding green ornaments to the dough bowl

Pine picks & ornaments

First, I have some picks from Hobby Lobby. Some are with pine cones and some are without. I decided to add in the picks without the pine cones first. Then, I topped it off with ornaments in different shades of green, some shiny and some matte.

Christmas dough bowl arrangement with a snowflake


I also have a couple of snowflakes from Hobby Lobby, one in black and one in white. If you prefer a white snowflake, it will turn out like this.

Green Christmas dough bowl arrangement

And here is the look you will create with the black snowflake instead. The choice is up to you.

Christmas dough bowl arrangement with a candle

Candle display

A second option for the medium dough bowl is to add the greenery with pine cones first. With the two stems on either side, the candle can sit right in the middle.

Again, the decor can be any color that you want. Your berries could add a pop of color; your ribbon could as well. I’m just adding in all the things I have on hand, including the birch wood logs and a ‘be merry’ sign that I have.

Filling a dough bowl with lamb’s ear

Lamb’s ear

For a third option, I’m going to use lamb’s ear for a base.

Adding a metal sleigh to the dough bowl


I also have this little metal sleigh. Plus, I have a couple of little trees that I'm going to place inside.

Adding silver ornaments to the dough bowl display

Next, I'm going to add some silver ornaments.

Folding buffalo check ribbon

Buffalo check ribbon

I have some farmhouse buffalo check, and if you don't know how to make a ribbon, I'm going to show you something that you can do with it really quick.

Making bows with buffalo check ribbon

We want these sort of small, so I'm going to cut it about six inches. You put it together and roll the ends up a little bit so that it holds the ends in place, and then you can start tucking it in underneath the ornaments like so.

Adding Christmas trees inside the sleigh

If you didn't want those two little trees inside the sleigh, you could add a candle, any height you want, and some more greenery to make it a little more rustic.

Large Christmas dough bowl

Large dough bowl from Amazon

I got the large dough bowl from Amazon, and I just love it. It has a flat bottom, so there's so much that we can do with it now.

Adding picks to a dough bowl


First, I have these picks from Hobby Lobby. I'm going to place one pick on the left side and one on the right.

Christmas dough bowl idea with a nutcracker


I bought a wooden nutcracker from Hobby Lobby that will look nice in there. It's natural looking, but you could paint it any color if you wanted to. I love him all natural, so I’m going to keep him that way.

Christmas dough bowl idea with wood snowflakes and a nutcracker

Wood snowflakes

I also found some snowflakes from Hobby Lobby that are in a natural tone. I'm going to scoot this over a little, and I'm going to put this one in the front.

Christmas dough bowl idea with wooden ornaments

And then, I want to start filling this in with more sprigs of greenery, so it will look nice and full when it’s all finished.

How to build a Christmas candle dough bowl display

Candle & fairy lights

To give you a second option, I’m going to place a candle on top of a birch wood base, add some greenery around it, and thread my fairy lights throughout.

Christmas candle dough bowl display with birch wood logs

I have some birch wood that matches this, so I'm going to place a variety of birch pieces in there on the ends and in the middle.

Christmas candle dough bowl display with berries

Lastly, I have some beautiful pine cones to include. You can also add some red berries in there, just to give it some color if you wish.

Candle and fairy light Christmas dough bowl display

And here is the finished project. I decided to keep it simple in my home and remove the berries for now.

Lamp and rocking horse Christmas dough bowl display

Lamp & rocking horse

One last option is to add a hurricane lamp, a rocking horse, and plenty of greenery.

Christmas dough bowl ideas

Once that is complete, simply add some pinecones and birch wood pieces throughout. Doesn’t that look nice?

Christmas dough bowl ideas

I shared a lot of Christmas dough bowl ideas with you today, and I hope that it motivated and inspired you in some way to fix up your own dough bowls at home. Do you have a favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments down below.

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  • Mary Salazar Mary Salazar on Nov 15, 2023
    All really good ideas! I put my bowl away bc I didn’t know what to do with it, now I do! Thank you & Merry Christmas 🎄
  • Rosemary Lever Dismang Rosemary Lever Dismang on Nov 16, 2023
    Loved your presentation with the dough bowl. My daughter lives in a log home and I’m going to make her one. Happy Holidays!!!