Tips & Ideas For Decorating Awkward Spaces in Your Home

Feeling lost when it comes to styling the strangest of places in your home? If so, I'll be giving you seven tips for decorating awkward spaces.

You know, those hard-to-envision spaces like underneath your stairs, in random nooks, or even behind your front door. With these tips, you’ll become a pro on how to decorate an awkward space in minutes.

How to decorate an entryway


For many of us, there isn't much space in and around our entryway. But since this is typically our first stop when entering our homes, we really need this area to be multi-purpose. Even if it's a small entryway, having a small table to place our keys, our mail, or other frequently used items is helpful.

Entryway decorating ideas

How about needing somewhere to sit when you come through the front door? Perhaps you need to remove your work boots, hang up a book bag, or simply rest your feet.

Entryway with a bench

A small bench, built-in or not, is a really good option here.

Entryway with mudroom storage

Maybe you have a long, narrow space, so building out a mudroom storage area may be really useful here as well.

Small entryway

Or like many of us, we have just enough room for coat hooks, umbrella holders, and a mirror or artwork.

How to decorate a hallway


Okay, so maybe your small entryway is a long, narrow hallway. You can still make this space beautiful and functional. Perhaps this time a small ledge or table with a mirror above it will do.

IKEA shoeholders in a hallway

I've seen many people install IKEA shoe holders in their hallways. This is a very efficient use of space too.

Low bookcases in a hallway

Adding low, unobtrusive bookcases also works here.

Gallery walls along hallways

And if it’s simply too narrow of a hallway, creating a gallery wall is also beautiful.

How to decorate stairs


For those of us who have staircases in our homes, we are always thinking about how we can use that space under the stairs. It's usually a decent amount of space, so how can we utilize it better?

Under-stair dry bars

Well, creating a dry bar may work for you. No plumbing is needed here, but it still looks great.

Under-stair wet bar

Or if you can run plumbing to this space, a wet bar will work here too.

Types of bars under the stairs

Note the bar can be a coffee bar, a juice bar, or even spirits, whichever you like.

Shelving and bookcases under the stairs

You can also use the space to create shelving. The shelving can be simple or elaborate.

Built-in wine bar under the stairs

How about creating a built-in wine bar? What a focal point that would make.

Half-bathroom under the stairs

Or could you use a half bath? This is a great value-added space.

Desk and cat house under the stairs

How about a room for your pet and workspace, seating?

Built-in storage under the stairs

Or, built-in storage drawers, and a closet?

Bookcases and storage under the stairs

Whatever you do, see that awkward space as found space and create something useful with it.

How to decorate awkward corners


Okay, so do you have a small corner in your house that's too big to be ignored, but too small to know exactly what to do with it?

Corner table and corner shelving

Well, oftentimes the solution is something unique, like using a corner table or shelving.

Kids' corner with seating

Create seating for your little ones.

Corner bistro table with bench seating

Or, a small bistro table with bench seating may work.

Placing a screen and plants in the corner

When you just can't figure it out, use a screen or some plants on a plant stand to fill the space.

How to fill awkward corners

Whatever you do, don't leave that awkward corner looking like it's missing something. Fill it.

How to decorate closets


In some homes, if there was a little space left over during the build process, the builder just turned that space into a closet. It makes sense, but sometimes those closets weren't even deep enough to hang a coat comfortably, or perhaps the closet was in a location that didn't seem to make sense.

Turning closets into a bar area

If you have a shallow closet or an extra closet, perhaps you can turn it into a beverage center or a bar area.

Turning closets into bookshelves

Maybe you can use a bookshelf in this space.

Turning a closet into a bench with storage

Or, perhaps build a bench with storage.

Turning a large closet into a small home office

Even a small home office will work. Just make the space work for you.

How to decorate awkward nooks


So if they didn't turn that little shallow space into a closet that I mentioned earlier, oftentimes, they left this little nook here for you to figure it out. Well, here are some suggestions on how you can fill in your nook.

Little reading nooks

Perhaps you can build shelves and create a little reading nook.

Little bar area in a nook

Or again, a little bar area will work here as well.

Little workspace in a nook

A little workspace is also a good option. Now most of us have needed to incorporate workspaces in our homes over the last two years, so this will work great to fill in this little nook. Remember, it's better to have it filled than not.

How to decorate bay windows

Bay windows

Now, I love a bay window. They let in a lot of natural light, they bring in architectural interest, and they add a few more visual square feet to the space. But sometimes, decorating around them can be a little difficult, or a bit awkward. Here are a few ideas to help you with that.

Decorated bay windows

Try tucking a sofa with a console table behind it in the bay window area.

Bay windows with matching chairs

Or, perhaps two matching chairs and a small table between them will do. This option certainly allows you to appreciate the architecture of the bay window.

Turning a bay window into a home office

Let's not forget to add that workspace to the bay window. Again, another creative way to bring in that home office.

Bay window with bookcases

You can also build some bookshelves.

Bay window with comfy seating

Add in some comfy seating.

Bay window with a table and chairs

Or, simply add a table and chairs to the space.

Bay windows with kitchen sinks

If you are fortunate enough to have a bay window behind your kitchen sink, you can always fill that with plants or water-friendly small decor items. Either way, utilize that extra space.

Decorating awkward spaces

That's it! Decorating awkward living room spaces, entryways, or hallways doesn’t have to leave you scratching your head. Put these seven tips for decorating awkward spaces to good use and make each area just as pleasant and functional as the rest of your home.

If you want me to discuss other awkward spaces that you're having difficulty decorating, let me know in the comment section below.

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    Some really good ideas. I think most homes have at least one awkward area. Thinking outside of the box can turn an awkward area into something special and unique.