11 Luxury Bedroom Ideas From an Estate Home

Let’s take a tour of this luxury guest bedroom I designed for an estate home. You’ll see that it’s more gender-neutral in design. You will no doubt get many luxury bedroom ideas from this one bedroom.

1. Drapes

This fabric became the inspiration for the room’s design. I found this wool fabric and I wanted to mix it with linen. I used the fabric to create a feature window.

2. Bed

I pulled the fabric into the bedding design. I also designed this headboard after the fabrics were chosen. I brought in this deep brown luxe color that played off the lilacs and lavenders in the pillows.

3. Wallpaper

I found this spectacular wallpaper that looks like silk but isn’t. It’s a fraction of the cost. There’s beautiful glitter threaded through it. We wrapped the whole room with the wallpaper to make sure it was very cozy and inviting.

4. Decor

We decorated the room with flea market finds to keep the cost down and make the room beautiful.

5. Light fixture

This fixture was a flea market find and we had a beautiful shade made for it so it was also a focus in the room when you look up.

6. Chair

This antique chair was already in the home but I made it more contemporary by spray-painting the wood white. The paint enhances the carved parts of the chair. The chair is upholstered in the same two fabrics as the curtains. If you have a chair that you don’t love because it has dark wood, try painting it to refresh it.

7. Side table

There’s an unexpected gilded tree trunk as a little side table.

8. Bureau and mirror

Here’s an antique buffet that had an original pickled finish and it was in a dining room. The client didn’t want it anymore so we painted it and gave it new handles to refresh it as a dresser in the guest room. The French antique mirror makes the room sing. We put coral and other natural items on the bureau to add interest.

9. Bench

Here’s where you can think outside the box if you’re looking for an idea. I was at a luxury store’s warehouse sale when I saw two of these frames. They were actually coffee tables but the glass had broken and the store was deeply discounting them to get rid of them.

Anyone could have bought them and replaced the glass but I didn’t see them as coffee tables, I saw them as tufted benches. I bought them both and turned them into benches. This adds to the luxury of the room.

10. Walk-in closet

I designed this closet more as a little library than a closet because you don’t really need all that clothing space in a guest room. We’ve incorporated a lot of old books, magazines, and accessories to fill the space.

11. Luxe guest bathroom

This is a very roomy bathroom to accommodate guests who may need wheelchair access. The pocket door to the bathroom allows for this, as well.

This curbless shower gives guests access to the shower without the issue of climbing or stepping over an edge. The tile floor continues seamlessly into the shower area. The floor is a beautiful mosaic with a border and even the baseboards are in marble so that any splashing water does not hit any wood.

The marble vanity is floating to accommodate a wheelchair or walker. It has a French influence with the mirror and sconces.

These luxury bedroom design ideas are easy to incorporate into any bedroom to make it a high-end, custom space. We splurged on the wallpaper and the bathroom but saved money on the other parts. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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