Afro-Boho Guest Bedroom: African JuJu Hat & How to Mix Patterns

I have done so much since my last home tour, so it’s time for an updated walk-through of my guest bedroom so I can show off my latest and greatest afro boho design.

Every time somebody stays in this room they claim it. There is just something about this afro-boho bedroom that my guests simply love.

This is a cowhide stool by Room & Board.

I got these Kuba cloth prints years ago from Room & Board and they were pillows that started to come apart, so I just disassembled them and framed the top part, which I just love. I got the frames from Ikea ages ago.

Over here, there's a wonderful little reading nook in this space. Again, none of the rooms in my bungalow are very large, but yet you can really maximize space when you get furnishings that are the proper scale and size. This is a super comfortable chair that swivels.

This is a fun little mid-century modern table that I got at the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Los Angeles. It actually folds down and lays flat. I bought the planter on top and the 70s vase with textured glass from a thrift store.

I also got this mirror, which adds a reflective surface to any space, from TJ Maxx.

These branches are from IKEA. They add wonderful texture to this space.

The curtains are Ikat fabric in a beautiful strawberry color. I layered those with some sheers underneath.

I chose to carpet this room because the floors underneath weren't that great.

It's the only room on the first floor that is carpeted. I layered it with this leather woven area rug, which has a funky texture to it and adds some fun to the space.

This is a vintage chest that I refinished years ago. I just love it. It has the original wood knob on top, and I added these silver knobs to the other drawers to update it a bit.

There is a vintage clock on top as well as this thrifted lamp. Isn't that just a gorgeous space up there?

I just added this shade to it that I swapped out as well.

Plus, I have this finial now, which I added recently to add another fun texture.

In the bed area, starting here at the base, I had this bench in another space in a previous home, but it was silver. So I spray painted the legs black, and then I covered the top with this extra remnant of mud cloth.

And again, I think it just works great to bookend that sort of black tone with the black pillows that I have on this guest bed. It makes the bed even cozier and more comfy. I love layering patterns.

I also added this funky little little animal print there on the top.

Behind the bed, I have this contemporary painting hanging up, which has all of the colors of the bedding in it. It really is what sets the entire colorscape in this room.

I've had it for many years, and I got it from World Market. So don't sleep on World Market. You can find some really nice things there.

Let's see, this colorful piece of fabric I thrifted. I actually thrifted this white quilt as well because I wanted to add something to the bed to neutralize it before I layered yet another pattern on top. When I thrift fabrics, I always bring them home, wash them, and hang them outdoors to make them usable in my space.

This African headdress piece is a Juju hat that is hanging on the wall as art in this space. I love the texture that it brings to the room.

When you walk into the room, one of the first things you see is this vintage piece of artwork that I hung on the side of a wooden dresser. It's an unusual thing to do, but I didn't have a ton of wall space so I took advantage of any space I could.

Over here, I have the dresser that I used to replace the closet that I took out. It is functional, so it has space for guests to hang their clothes and some drawers at the bottom.

I tricked out the top here with things that I love. I love wickers and rattans and those are some of my favorite old magazines that I just didn't want to throw away.

I did a reading of this piece, and they sent me their signed script, which is such a thing to cherish since we were college classmates.

At the foot of the bed, I have a bookcase with a plant sitting on top. I have photos of friends and family. I have this gorgeous teardrop lamp that I have there with an orange silk shade.

Down below, I have more family photos and a pretty star that is turned sideways. That was thrifted. I also have a basket down there with my collection of records. The basket and planter were thrifted as well.

And then one of my star moments in this room is this mirror that I thrifted. I love this kind of Moroccan shape that it has, and then I hand-painted a pattern on it and made it a piece of art. Again, having another reflective surface is a really great thing to have in a smaller sort of room.

Afro boho bedroom

Thanks so much for tagging along on my afro boho bedroom tour today. If you like afro-boho decor as much as I do, this guest bedroom has it all.

What is it about afro-boho chic that you enjoy so much? Let me know what comes to the top of your mind in the comments.

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  • Gilmer Gal Gilmer Gal on May 08, 2024
    I love anything tribal and colorful, whatever the ethnicity! You've got the bedroom I would love to copy! 😃
  • Heather Heather on May 08, 2024
    So cozy,eclectic, and one of a kind. Love this! You've inspired me to start putting up my grandmother's things from Pompeii. And of course thrift for more.