How to Decorate After Christmas: Winter Kitchen Ideas

We'll be going over how to decorate after Christmas, as we put out a little bit of after-Christmas decor here in the kitchen. If your house looks bare after packing away your Christmas decor, these ideas are for you. Read on to see what we've done in this space.

Cleaning the sink


I just needed to spruce some things up just a little bit. So, I am giving the sink a good scrub down.

Cleaning the stove

Now we're moving over to the stove, and I like to clean it by taking my Dawn dish detergent and giving it a good scrub.

I feel like this is so therapeutic. This is probably my favorite task in the kitchen, and I do it every night.

What I do is empty the dishwasher every morning. We fill it throughout the day, and then I run the dishes at night. So when I run the dishes and all, you know this is just my quiet time, everyone sleeps, and I just give the kitchen a little bit of a once over.

Once I'm done cleaning it, I like to go back over it with a paper towel and get it all nice and dry, which is the result.

Countertop decor

Now, we'll get to the fun part: decorating the countertops. I'm not gonna put too much up here. I feel like when you have Christmas decor up, everything is blingy and excessive, so after Christmas, I just like to calm things.

Countertop floral arrangements
Floral arrangement with lamb's ear

I made some little floral arrangements and put one on either side of the stove.

I didn't have to buy any flowers; I already had my frosted pine cones leftover from Christmas. I'm using my little kitchen countertop canisters for my vessel to put my flowers in.

I also had to mix in a little bit of lamb's ear. I love lamb's ear; I could use them for every season. I took the finished product and sat on top of a glass cake pedestal.

Framed words of wisdom

Next, I'll bring out what I call words of wisdom.

I picked this up just as it is at a thrift store. I like to have things to be pretty, but I want my home to be comfy, cozy, and homey. This kind of stuff is exactly what I'm looking for when I go out to thrift stores.

Winter cabinet decor

Cabinet decor

I found this beautiful little cabinet at Ross with the perfect dimensions for this area. I'm going to bring back out my set of coffee mugs. They come as a set of two, one black and one white. I chose to put one spoon in one, and then the other spoon I just kind of accented right in front of it.

I have my little Ross jar. We're just going to set it here. I just wanted to bring out some black accents.

I have a set of four napkins; I got these from HomeGoods probably late in the summer. I took the blessed one, folded it, and put it there, and then we'll bring out this second little jar. I'll accent it with another napkin, the thankful one.

I have a set of four; they say gather, thankful, blessed, and grateful, and I love these. I don't know what decorating style or category I'll put myself in. I just like to buy whatever I like and then try to figure out how to incorporate all these styles and make my home feel warm and comfy. That is my ultimate goal.

Console table with lamp

Console table with lamp

Now, we'll spruce this area up a little bit for the winter season. I am enjoying this little table that I got from Ross. Now, I'll take this cake plate and sit it here, but I will not use it in the traditional sense. I'll use it as a riser.

I love using risers and how they can sometimes make such a big impact and change how your decor looks by raising it up a couple of inches.

I have my wreath to set here, and then I'll just sit my lamp right on over in it. After I got the lamp all situated, I brought out some other little decor pieces. I love tea sets, so I brought out a couple of pieces from my tea set and added this winter tree to complete the look for this area.

Breakfast area

Breakfast area

We'll move over to the breakfast table. I like to keep the breakfast table somewhat simple. When you see it with a tablescape on it, I've done it mainly because I enjoy putting together tablescapes, and I want to share them with you, but on an everyday basis, I keep this table simple because it is used every day.

I'm just putting together a small floral arrangement. I've added some pine cones and frosted pine cones to the bottom of that vessel, and I am bringing out my beautiful placemats. I bought these at HomeGoods when the holiday season first started. I used them throughout the holidays and wanted to bring them back out because I wanted to enjoy my things and not change them out so much.

Cake stand

Just a couple of little finishing touches here. Setting this up also gives me an excuse to pull out my cake plate.

Hot chocolate bar

The hot chocolate bar adds to the after-Christmas winter refresh here in the kitchen.

It is just so functional; there's not much on the countertops. I like that, but there is just enough

How to decorate after Christmas

I hope you have some ideas for how to decorate after Christmas. I've enjoyed putting this together and adding a fresh new look to my kitchen. Let me know in the comments what your decor plans are.

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