Take a Tour of This Adorable Vintage Farmhouse

Today we have another beautiful home tour, and it's from my friend Amelie from The Suburban Home. She has a beautiful Victorian-style house that she is currently transforming.

So you guys are going to get a lot of new ideas for vintage farmhouse decorating on a budget. Let's go ahead and welcome her so we can hurry up and see all the vintage farmhouse home decor she has in store for us:

Before we head inside, I thought I'd show you a sneak peek of the gardens. It's late May right now and in my Zone, 5B, botanicals are starting to flower.

My goal is to establish a casual country cottage garden filled with cut flowers and winter interests.

My hope with this property and the landscaping around the home is to create beautiful country cottage gardens.

Here are a few little snippets of some of the flowers that are in bloom right now.

This year we've added a lot of annuals to add more color and to bring some of those cut flowers indoors.

The front porch is the perfect spot for unwinding after a long day. We watch the sunset and wave to the neighbors when they're on their evening walks.

I recently showcased this little garland I created using some grapevine and twinkle lights. The grapevine was collected from my in-law’s property nearby, and it adds a lot of charm to the porch.

So for the porch decor, I used this old dresser that was left behind by the previous owners.

It was a white laminate dresser, so I gave it a red paint job. I think it adds some brightness, especially since our house is very beige.

Just another little view of the side courtyard of the home and our property. Our whole driveway is lined by maple trees, which is absolutely gorgeous in the fall.

This chair with our cats on it was a trash find that I repurposed into a deconstructed chair.

This sofa was a secondhand giveaway from my girlfriend who was redecorating, so I took it on because I love French toile.

This coffee table was an oak coffee table that was at my parents, and I took it and refinished it.

This is a little plant stand from Ikea.

Even the area rug was a hand-me-down from my friend as well.

This antique armoire was purchased years ago, and I almost sold it. I'm glad I didn't because it fits perfectly in that spot.

On this little thrifted shelving unit, you'll find my collection of glass insulators, old Mason jars, and some vintage books.

What sold me on this house was the fact that the master bedroom was on the main floor so we can grow old here.

I absolutely love changing the bedding on my bed. This is a quilt I found at the thrift shop. It's a handmade quilt, and it's beautiful.

The crystal chandelier we added recently as well as the peel-and-stick wallpaper.

Moving through the living room and into the dining room, here is a stenciling project that I am working on around the mantle.

Here is my hutch. I gave it a whole new refresh for spring, took off the doors, and gave it a fresh coat of paint. It is called wasabi by Behr, and the hutch holds a lot of my treasures that I found at thrift shops or antique stores, and I love it.

Remember when I said that our bedroom sold us on the whole house? This staircase was also something that sold us on this house. It was beautiful, and we've never had a staircase that didn't have any carpet on it, so it was really a nice treat.

This little spice cabinet was a thrift find, and I keep my flower seeds in the little bottles.

Our kitchen was pretty much move-in ready. There was no island, so we brought that in. It was actually a Kijiji find, which is similar to Craig’s List in the United States.

This cabinet we brought in to create a little coffee bar.

Right now I have this dandelion poster, but we're planning on painting eventually and giving the whole main level a little wall treatment.

I always have some plant cuttings and propagating stations here and there. I like to give out some of my plant propagations to friends.

You'll notice I don't have a backsplash, but I like using framed art pieces.

Over here, I have a framed recipe from Nesting with Grace. It's her bread recipe, and I love using that type of art as my backsplash.

Over the stove, I have a vintage farm print.

Our back porch is East-facing, so it's really nice to have breakfast and coffee out here. We get the sunshine in the morning.

This table was also a Kijiji find, and I refinished the chairs and the table.

This console table was built by a friend.

I have some lamps out there for evening dining, some of my collections from when I had my shop, and an old-looking clock that is non-functional, but it's there for decor.

This new carpet I got from Wayfair.

Below on the property, you can see my little vegetable garden, and I have a little two-seater there as well. It’s a great little spot for reading, listening to music, and listening to the birds.

That is the nicest thing about living in the country. It's so quiet, and I don't think I could ever go back to city life because I enjoy the tranquility too much.

These wicker chairs were a second-hand purchase.

Lastly, I love using this scale in the middle of my table as decor.

Vintage farmhouse home decor

A big thank you to Amelie for opening up her beautiful vintage farmhouse and sharing it with us here today. I hope you guys got a lot of new vintage farmhouse decor ideas and inspiration for your next project.

Where do you plan to start? Share your decorating plans below.

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  • Susan Susan on Mar 25, 2024
    Love the porch. What is the name of the color you used on the dresser? Gloss or semi-gloss or satin finish? Beautiful.
  • Darlene Duncan Darlene Duncan on May 07, 2024
    While the antique armoire fits the wall next to the fireplace.. It would look better, centered on the small it is up against, instead of rammed up against the side and mantle of the fireplace. Meanwhile, there's a gap of empty open wall space on the other side of the armoire.. ..