How to Style Fall Entryway Table Decor & Create a Vignette

I’m at Shonda's house for a little bit of fall decorating. I’m going to style her fall entryway table with beautiful decor, including a fall floral arrangement. There are simply so many beautiful decor items to share with you here.

I’m going to create a vignette in this space, and we’re including a unique and beautiful clock. The clock, floral arrangement, pumpkins, and tea set helped us to accomplish a warm, cozy, and elegant look that welcomes her guests as soon as they walk in the door.

Large gears clock

The gears clock

When Shonda saw this 36-inch diameter clock, she had to have it because she fell in love with the look of the mechanisms. It comes in multiple sizes and it’s from an online shop called The Gears Clock. Shonda hung it from the ceiling and it’s a stunning accent piece.

Placing a nightstand in the foyer

Start with a nightstand

This is a nightstand that Shonda uses in her foyer. The reason she decided to do that is that it fits perfectly in the little space.

Elegant vase

Fall arrangement

So we're going to start out with this timeless vase from Kirkland’s. It is always elegant. So, this area is the foyer and it’s what you see immediately when you walk through the front door.

How to make a fall floral arrangement

So the floral arrangement is complete and this is what we have so far. We stood back and we were looking at it and she kind of handed me some other picks that she has some floral stems, so we're going to go ahead and incorporate those into the arrangement. Just going to add a little bit of a touch of gold as well as some texture.

Miniature pumpkins


To bring in an element of fall, I'm just going to place this small and beautiful little pumpkin here. I have a couple of others that I'm going to kind of play around with.

Oftentimes with decorating, you place it one way, and then ultimately it might end up being a little bit different than your original thought.

Gold candleholder
Blue and gold teapot
Candleholder and teapot

Candleholder and tea set

Here, I'm just bringing in this little candle holder and I'm going to use it as a riser for the teapot that comes with this beautiful tea set from Hausweet. I love the gold on gold. Those are little details that add to the quality of it for me.

Adding a saucer to a picture holder

Picture holder

The next thing that I'm going to bring out is a picture holder, a small picture holder. I'm going to take one of the saucers and put it on display.

When you have home decor at different heights, like this tea set, it elevates the look of a display. We're just going to simply add the saucers here to the side. The last thing that we need to do is to add our cups and our vignette will be complete.

Fall entryway table decor

Fall entryway table decor

A vignette, like this entryway table, is all in the presentation. Details do matter but you don't always have to spend a lot of money. Take what you have, be creative, and make it your own.

Let us know in the comments what you think about vignettes like this and the details that go into them. What is one of your favorite vignettes that you’ve created? And let me know if you just love, love, love that clock!

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