Styling My Spring Entryway Decor For a Warm Welcome

Today we are decorating for spring in my entryway by taking inspiration from this oil painting and adding all of the color and texture to the space.

My spring entryway decor goal is creating a warm and inviting welcome for guests when they enter. Plus, I’ll be sharing some spring entryway ideas along the way to help you get started on this important DIY project in your own home.

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I'm starting with a clean, fresh space so I can start layering in my spring entryway decor. A lot of the items I am using today are thrifted, or I have had them for many years. I love to keep these pieces and use them over and over throughout my home.

I love the gold frames on the wall, such as the prairie scene.

Another thing I like to do is build up my spring entryway table decor in layers. I started with that picture and that tray.

Now I'm going to add a few more layers here with this Walmart bowl. It was in the dinnerware section. I loved the blue color and the pattern on it.

Using small home decor items for color and texture is a great way to start the transition to spring without making major changes in your home.

I saw this Greek goddess planter in Michaels and I just had to get it so I could add it here on my entry table.

I also picked up this blue and white vase at Ross. Both of these items will get a lot of use in and around my home for many years to come. When you buy things you love, you will be able to use them over and over again.

The next layer of decor is going to be my greenery and flowers. These help to soften all of the harsh lines from your decor, so I'm using this little potted plant that I've had for a long time.

I recently bought these red Real Feel tulips from Amazon. They are very nice quality, and they look really good. That's why I used that red book to tie in with the red tulips.

The other greenery I have picked up along the way over the years and am just reusing it. Be sure to fluff, bend, and arrange your faux greenery.

This next layer is going to be like the jewelry of the home decor. It's going to be the finishing touch that polishes everything off. I am using some brass candlesticks that I thrifted and then this black beaded tassel came from Dollar General last spring.

I love that the black will tie into that black floral frame, so I'm going to loop it around and attach it here to the neck of this blue-and-white vase.

Here are my favorite battery-powered candlesticks. These are from Amazon, and they have a remote control. You can set them in different colors, flicker them like a real candle, or have them burn steadily.

To add a touch of texture and an Easter theme, I'm placing this rattan egg here on the dish.

Here is the finished look.

On this bottom shelf, I'm going to start layering with this blue book that brings in more of the color from that blue and white vase down here.

I pulled this crystal bowl from my collection. I'm going to place it on top of the book and then add faux hydrangeas.

I've had these for a lot of years, and you can see I've even bent them up so many times that they fit nicely here in this crystal bowl.

I also have this white ceramic finial I picked up somewhere along the way as well as this little faux boxwood plant. All of this white color brightens up this dark shelf and creates a nice finished look.

My accent chair is going to be dressed up with this 18x18-inch pillow cover I ordered from Amazon. It has a vintage feel and all the color I want. This throw was from the fall collection at the Target Dollar Spot.

I'm also creating a little side cocktail table here by my chair by placing this candlestick as the base and this wicker charger as the top. I'm also using decor that is not breakable like these flocked styrofoam rabbits and this thrifted Goodwill find.

I have some green Spanish moss that I'm going to place in the bottom of this little brass planter and then this little bird's nest from Hobby Lobby. This creates the perfect little vignette here on this makeshift side table and the perfect finished look.

We're now moving across to my other entryway table, creating a new vignette with layers once again. I thrifted this tray probably twenty years ago. I still love it, and it is going to be the anchor for my decor.

The next layer is going to be some vintage thrifted books and then a newer book that I have with a red cover.

I used this thrifted urn in my winter entryway and loved it so much that I am reusing it for spring.

I also recently purchased this silver trophy from an estate sale. I'll be using it like a vase to put some faux florals in.

But first, I found this Real Touch tulip arrangement in this beautiful blue and white bowl at Home Goods.

I've had these faux greenery stems for a while and am placing them wild and free in this distressed urn. It gives height and whimsy to this space.

I always get so many questions about these John 3:16 scripture nesting eggs. I purchased them when my kids were little from Hobby Lobby.

Here is the finished look. I am really pleased with how it all turned out.

Spring entryway decor

I am so glad that you're here as we decorate my entryway for spring. I hope that you've received a lot of new spring entryway decor ideas and inspiration from it.

Let me know what your favorite type of spring decor is by leaving a comment down below.

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