How to Decorate a Christmas Tree: Festive Tips & Tricks

Today is a very special day because we will be talking about how to decorate a Christmas tree, specifically this beautiful Christmas tree. The stunning centerpiece for this holiday season is an artificial 12-foot frosted Yukon Spruce. As an added bonus today, I'll share some top secrets that the pros don't like to share.

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Yukon Spruce Christmas tree

This Yukon Spruce is not your typical Christmas tree.

It's tall, it's elegant, and it's a bit unique in shape, which makes it look very realistic. So today, I'm going to show you how to professionally decorate this beauty and share some tips on making it truly shine.

How to create balance on a Christmas tree

Create balance

One tip that many pros won't tell you is all about creating balance in your tree, and there are a couple of ways that you can do that. It's really all about ornament placement.

You see, a lot of professionals will start decorating from inside of the tree and work their way out, which I've told you once or twice before, but this is a way to create balance no matter what the shape of the tree.

Mix of larger and smaller ornaments

You can see in here I've got some larger ornaments, and then as we go out and extend out towards the tips, I've got my more shapely and elongated ornaments.

This creates a sense of overall balance and harmony throughout the tree from top to bottom. It also gives your tree depth and dimension, allowing it to shine from inside out.

Now, let's talk about the frosting on this tree. It adds a touch of elegance and a winter wonderland feel.

Blue Christmas ornaments
Silver and white ornaments

I opted for silver and blue ornaments, more jewel tones than traditional colors, to complement the frost and create a cohesive look.

These gorgeous ornaments were the inspiration for this tree.

Layered lighting on a Christmas tree

Layered lighting

Another secret that the pros use is all about layered lighting. Consider incorporating micro-led lights with diffused ambient lighting to create a magical scene on your tree.

I only have one layer of lighting in this tree, but you've seen me layer lighting in the past using artificial candlelight in the tree to give it movement. It's just a great way to make your tree stand out.

Hidden filters in a Christmas tree

Hidden filters

Lastly, let me share one more decorating secret with you, and it's called hidden filters. Professionals use hidden filters to give the tree a fuller look without adding more ornaments. These filters can include natural-looking picks, floral sprays, or extra greenery strategically placed to create an opulent, luxurious appearance.

Remember, decorating a tree is an art, so trust your instincts and don't be afraid to adjust as you go along. The goal is to create a tree that brings you joy and magic and makes you happy in your home.

Now, won't you join me for a little decorating with me, a look behind the scenes, and a tour so you can see how everything turned out from start to finish?

Bow for the Christmas tree topper

Tree topper

I'm bringing this special piece back again for the third year in a row. She's going to have a big sash, like a pretty bow.

This is the new ribbon this year, and I was so attracted because sometimes, in certain lights, she shows lavender, and then in other lights, she shows a kind of grayer, but I'd like to use a mushroom-colored Duchess satin ribbon from last year. I saved all those tails, and I'm trying to see if I can just incorporate it in.

Silver Christmas tree ornaments

I'm not sold on the silver just yet, but I may switch that out for gold.

Making a bow tree topper

We're gonna play around with this at the top of the tree and have her a little neck sash on.

When I went up to put this on the tree, I didn't have much of an anchor like in the middle, not that it makes that big of a difference because it's a 12-foot tree nobody's going to see.

Placing a ring in the middle of the bow

Still, I pulled out a cocktail ring that I hadn't worn in forever. It's like my Vegas ring, and I'm going to place it right in the middle of this bow.

How to decorate a Christmas tree

How to decorate a Christmas tree

I hope you've enjoyed the first day of our 12 Days of Christmas series on how to decorate a Christmas tree. Let me know in the comments how you're decorating your tree this year. I love to hear from you.

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  • Teresa Teresa on Dec 20, 2023
    Beautiful Tree!! The blue ornaments are amazing. I love mixing the size of ornaments, and decorating inside out on the trees as you have done. Just curious, about how many of the ornament glass balls do you think you used for your tree that size. Your tree is just beautiful.. May you have a Blessed and Merry, Christmas!!πŸ™πŸŽ„
  • Sharon Jorgensen Sharon Jorgensen on Dec 22, 2023
    Gorgeous. I love that kind of tree. Not a perfect cone like many. I decorated my tree with animals. Owls, deer, foxes, etc. Then covered it in handmade, not crocheted, snowflakes on the tips of the branches.Around 200 snowflakes. I need to make about 100 more. Merry Christmas.