4 Spring Entryway Decor Ideas: How to Style Your Foyer


I’m going to show you four spring entryway decor ideas that you can use for either your foyer or entryway. Spring entryway ideas may not be cozy but they’re fresh and exciting. I reset my decor after Christmas back to “factory settings,” so to speak, so I have a clean canvas for decorating.

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Fresh flowers

Floral arrangements

I will make two simple floral arrangements using tulips and other faux and fresh florals from my local farmer’s market. Some of the faux floral stems work beautifully year-round. Fresh tulips are very easy to work with. You want to make sure you’re cutting your stems at an angle at the bottom and adding floral food to the water. I like to add ice to my water to make my stems last longer.

Places the flowers in vases

I get my vases from various places. The taller cylinder vase with the tulips came from the Dollar Store. I used the smaller one for the yellow button flowers for a cheerful arrangement.

Look 1

I cleaned off the distressed turquoise table that I purchased from HomeGoods a few years ago.

Arranging lavender in a vase

I am starting with a ceramic vase that I got from the Hearth & Hand line from Target. I added two lavender stems from Hobby Lobby.

Adding coffee table books

I added two of my favorite decorating books, Live Beautiful and Interior Design Master Class in the middle of the table.

Placing a dish on top of the books

I added a scalloped dish from Target’s Studio McGee on top of the books. I placed my sage and crystals into the bowl for some visual interest.

Styled entryway table

The second smaller floral arrangement is something I whipped up using floral stems from my cream stock that I picked up from my local farmer’s market. Finally, I added three tapered candle holders from Target’s Threshold line for height and visual interest.

Look 2

Lamp on top of books

For this look, I’m adding a beautiful lamp from Target. It’s the perfect size for an entryway and I put it on top of my two books.

Styled entryway table

Then I placed a simple, round bowl from the Studio McGee line. I wouldn’t put food into the bowl but I added some decorative items like fresh lemons that have thick protective skins.

Vase with wispy green faux floral stems
Here’s another Studio McGee vase placed in the corner. I added wispy green faux floral stems.

Entryway table with a bowl of lemons

I added a piece of wall art from Hobby Lobby. The brown contrasts beautifully with the gold base of the lamp.

Look 3

Vase with pampas grass
I’m keeping my ceramic vase, books, and bowl of lemons. But I’ll add these beautiful faux golden tan pampas grass stems to the vase.

Bowl of lemons with framed artwork
I placed a framed piece of wall art from Hobby Lobby behind the bowl of lemons.

How to style an entryway table

The other Studio McGee vase will go on top of a wood riser. It goes perfectly with the frame and pampas grass.

I added floral stems from Hobby Lobby to the second vase. As soon as you look at them, you know it’s springtime. I added three stems to this vase to make it wispy and whimsical.

Look 4

Styling the books upright
I positioned my books vertically instead of flat. I flanked them with the vases and left one empty. I love this look–it looks so high-end but simple.  

Floral arrangement with bright yellow flowers

To add a pop of yellow to tie in with the lemons, I added one of the arrangements I made at the beginning.

Entryway table with pops of yellow

This is my absolute favorite look for my table.

Spring entryway decor

I love all of these spring entryway looks! What do you think? Which spring entryway decor look do you prefer? Let me know in the comments below.

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  • Patricia Patricia on Feb 08, 2024
    Anyone that owns a cat, cannot use lavender in their household. It will poison a cat just smelling it through the air.
  • Elaine Elaine on Feb 09, 2024
    Decorating with small clutter objects looks tacky. Setting tall items next to a door is a guaranteed accident waiting to happen. , which will get knocked over frequently. A lamp underneath a light switch? Loks ridiculous as soon as the light is switched on.