4 Different Ways to Style Your Fireplace Mantel Decor

Fireplace mantel decor can be elegant or casual; it's up to you. Whatever style you choose, your mantel decor will always help to pull together your room's overall look. Today, I'm going to show you four ways to decorate a fireplace mantel.

1. Minimalistic

For this design, I chose a minimalistic look.

I found a beautiful landscape picture that I hung in the middle.

Besides this, I'm going to place two tall wooden candlesticks on each side of the picture. As you'll notice, the candles are green, which pulls out the green in the landscape picture.

2. Eclectic

For this next fireplace decorating idea, I'm going to create an eclectic look.

I've got a beautiful wreath I'm placing in the middle with a bow.

Next, I'm going to place two candlesticks with varying heights, keeping the larger, taller candlestick towards the outside.

Next, I'm going to add some beautiful ivory candles. Now, I'm ready to add something to the right side of the fireplace, and I am going to add books. They need to be built up, so I found an old wooden box.

I'm going to place my old books in the middle, and I found some adorable bunny bookends that are going to flank each side of the books. I love this look.

The softness of the green wreath and the wood tones make it look beautiful.

3. Rustic farmhouse

For this rustic farmhouse look, I found an old architectural piece that I placed on the fireplace mantel.

Next, I'm going to add greenery, and I'm placing it in clear glass bottles. Just a little bit; you don't need a lot, and I'm going to do it on both sides of this piece.

What I love about this look is that the piece is so big that you don't need a lot more on the mantel, but the greenery softens the entire look.

4. Traditional

Next, I chose a clock with a dark frame for this traditional look because it just pops off of that shiplap.

Next, instead of greenery, I'm going to change things up by adding a pop of color with these beautiful yellow forsythia branches.

I placed them in clear glass bottles on each side of the clock, but we still had something missing.

It looks a little empty, so we're going to fix that with a long wood votive tray.

Make sure to center it precisely under the clock, and you have made a beautiful look. I love candlelight, whether it's in the daytime or the evening. I think it makes a room very romantic and calming.

Fireplace mantel decor ideas

I hope you were able to get some inspiration for your fireplace mantel decor. What style of decor is your favorite? Share your design ideas in the comments below.


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