Styling My Eat-In Kitchen Nook For Spring

Today, we are styling a spring kitchen using my eat-in kitchen nook. Spring is the perfect time to breathe new life into your home. I'm making my kitchen come alive with beautiful home decor.

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This is right off from my kitchen, our casual dining space. I like to start with a clean and clear space. I love this corner hutch. It stays decorated in some form like this most of the year.

I love my blue and white transferware and my black and white MacKenzie-Childs. So, this is going to be my inspiration for my spring decorating here in my kitchen nook this season.

Hutch Spring Vignette

When you're decorating, always keep scale in mind. I have tall ceilings in here, and this is a very large, voluminous space so I can use this big wicker basket vase. I'm adding these faux baby's breath to it. The scale of this is very large, so it fills up the space from the top of the cabinet to the ceiling very well.

I want to bring some natural spring colors to this space, so I'm using a little hook. It is a plaque and wreath holder. To that, I am adding this green boxwood-type wreath.

I have picked up my small Spode plates and transferware collection from different places. I want to display this little salad plate up here. It leans a little far back in the plate stand, so I will fold this disposable plate in half and create a spacer here to elevate it and make it stand a little more upright so you can see it better. Then I have a little ceramic bird.

To soften the harsh lines around this little accent lamp, I will use this ivy bush and have it cascade down the side of my china cabinet. I love the natural green colors and the soft feeling they give this space.

Simple Wood Stool Décor with Quick DIY Orchid Arrangement

This was a $5 garage sale find. It did not look this good. It was very damaged and old-looking. I did a little DIY on it. I had this orchid and wanted to elevate it just a bit. I got lucky that my orchid sits in the original pot, so I only have to add some green Spanish moss and add it around the base.

This will give new life to this orchid I have used all over my home for years. It also looks high-end and designer, more than that little skimpy pot it was originally in.

So, circling back to that thrifted stool, we will set up our orchid on this estate sill brass charger. It is so beautifully styled here in its new gorgeous planter.

Kitchen Table Centerpiece

I did not have a wide table runner, so I found this one at Walmart. It has a great texture and boho vibe to keep the space casual with the more formal elements in my china cabinet. I am using this wooden tray and my thrifted vase.

I have some more drapey faux greenery that I'm going to use in my vase. This will help keep all of my real-feel tulips in place without using floral foam. These tulips are just fantastic. You can bend them around, which I highly suggest to make them look more realistic than they already do. They will last you for many years with proper storage, so they are a great investment.

I'm just adding them to the vase, arranging them to spread out and look as natural as possible. The white table runner with the white tulips makes that blue vase pop, so I am excited and thrilled with how this looks on my kitchen table.

I have a thrifted silver tray, and on top of that, this match stick holder. It is a dupe of a $30 Amazon match stick holder from the spring section at Walgreens. This little ceramic rabbit looks so cute here on the tray.

Side Buffet Table Spring Vignette

I have a candle warmer to anchor one side of the buffet. I will start styling the rest of my side table here with this $6 estate sale find. You can see it has a great patina on the brass.

This is a beautiful look, but I wanted to make sure it was clean, so I quickly wiped it down with some liquid Bar Keepers Friend and looked at how shiny and new it looked. That patina will return soon enough, but at least now I know it is clean and sanitized.

I am going to use this clear acrylic vase for a floral arrangement here in just a minute. I have this ceramic white bunny that will sit beside it, and then at Walmart, I found this beautiful white and blue medallion planter.

It was under six dollars, and I will bring some pattern and color over here in case the black and white harlequin was not enough. I used greenery stems from Hobby Lobby last year, and I like to fold the stem up, which helps to shorten it so that it fits down in these smaller, more shallow planters.

I will use two of these stems to give the greenery a nice, full, fluffy look. Make sure you bend in and straighten it out to look as realistic as possible for faux greenery.

I have more of those white, real-feel tulips that I will be adding to that acrylic vase. I think these are just so pretty. I like the vase that you can see the stems of the tulips. You could add water or crafting material that makes it look like water, of course, and then permanently affix it to your vase.

Spring Wall Shelf Styling

I have this small shelf we're going to decorate next. The mirror up here came from Hobby Lobby. It had words on it. Just use some acetone, and the words will wipe right off.

The Walmart dollar spot has some great spring stuff right now; that's where I found this vase for $5, and then I have these stems from years past; that's why they are already kind of fluffed out and arranged; they're going to fit perfectly down in this little vase, adding that touch of whims.

I also have this stallion print I will put up here, a thrifted candlestick holder, and one of my favorite Amazon purchases, this battery-operated candlestick. That simple decor is going to complete this shelf styling.

Kitchen Nook Spring Decor

This is my completed spring kitchen nook. I hope my spring decor inspired you to create a home you enjoy and love spending time in. Do you decorate for spring? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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  • Cbv83041723 Cbv83041723 on Apr 16, 2024
    Thanks for this. I’m moving and was wondering how I would use some of my displaced items in our new home. You’ve given me some great ideas.