How to Style Vintage Scales From the Thrift Store

by Redeux_style

I am always asked what items I would not pass up when shopping secondhand. A scale is one item I would not overlook. Here’s why I never pass up vintage Italian scales.

Vintage scales
Thrifted scales

1. Stunning vintage materials

These scales are absolutely beautiful with their brass and marble construction, and being vintage Italian adds to their charm.

2. Functional beauty

They're not just pretty to look at; they're also highly functional. I've found countless uses for them, such as:

Using scales as candle holders
How to style vintage scales

Candle holder

Believe it or not, I often use them as candle holders. Instead of buying something new from a big box store, why not repurpose something old and beautiful? They look fabulous on a coffee table and are great for entertaining. Plus, they can double as a sweet station or even hold lemons and limes for a tequila bar setup.

Great for resale

If you're not keen on using one, finding an inexpensive vintage scale can be great for resale. They're functional and have a timeless appeal.

Makes a perfect gift

Besides their practicality and aesthetic appeal, vintage Italian scales also make for a unique and beautiful gift.

How to style vintage scales

So, next time you're out thrifting or junking, keep an eye out for these treasures. They're definitely worth picking up! Tell me what you think of vintage scales in the comments and let me know other uses you might have for these unusual finds.

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  • Dale Wilcox Dale Wilcox on Mar 20, 2024
    I have a scale but don't know how best to clean the brass? In fact, mine looks just like yours except the brass looks dull.D. Wilcox