Hallway Decor Essentials: How to Decorate Your Entryway

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Today we will discuss how to decorate a hallway in your entry.

I cannot emphasize more the importance of having a well-organized and welcoming entry to your home, because how this area looks and functions is essential to how we feel when we enter our home and is also the first impression visitors get when they walk through that front door.

The entryway is often overlooked when we are designing and furnishing our homes, but hallway decor should always be an important consideration.

If this space is an afterthought, messy and bland, it will make us feel uneasy, so make sure to check out the hallway decorating ideas I am sharing today to design and decorate this area of your home.

Following, I will showcase a recent project where we helped a homeowner transform an empty, narrow, uninspiring entrance hallway. The result is a stylish, elegant entrance that evokes a welcoming vibe.

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Gray gloomy looking hallway

This entry hallway was originally painted gray, which made the space look dark and gloomy, Especially since the only source of natural light was the frosted glass pane on the front door.

It was also very long and narrow, so our goal was to add function and style in a few simple steps without obstructing the traffic flow.

New light-colored paint on the walls brighten up the space

Walls & ceiling

The first step in transforming the space was to paint both the walls and ceiling in a creamy white called Snowbound by Sherwin-Williams.

Hooks for hanging keys, bags, and scarves

Closet or hooks

This home has an entry hall closet for hanging coats and bags, but if it didn't, we would have installed hooks on the wall to keep things tidy and uncluttered.

Large round mirror


A mirror not only adds interest to a wall but is useful when you want to check yourself out before leaving the house. The large round mirror brightens up the space and breaks up the long wall.

Narrow console table


A long, narrow console fills in the blank wall, and the top surface can be used to add some decor and style to the area. The three drawers are a perfect way to store keys, sunglasses, mail, and other small items out of sight when not needed, but within easy reach.

Hallway bench


An upholstered storage bench on the opposite wall provides extra storage and is a convenient spot to sit to put your shoes on before stepping outside the door.

Personal touches make the space uniquely yours


No matter what space you are decorating, make sure you personalize it. Consider adding a grouping of your favorite photos in similar frames ( alternative) on one of the walls.

Framed vacation photos

In this entry hallway, we hung three photos of the homeowner's favorite vacation spot side by side. This way she has pleasant memories right there to see when she goes in and out of her home.

Accent lighting on the console table


Don't forget to add accent lighting. A slim table lamp on the console adds a soft welcoming glow. The lamp's brushed nickel accents match the home's overall metal finishes for a consistent look.

Adding a plant to the console table


Remember to incorporate some greenery into your styling. We kept things fairly simple. An interesting vase with some artificial eucalyptus branches, a candle, a small lidded ball, and a family photo is all that was needed to provide some style and personality to the space.

Runners on the floor


Finally, to make the space more welcoming and cozy we added two soft runners on the floor. We chose washable rugs because the homeowner has two adorable little dogs so she wanted something that would be easy to clean.

Make sure your entry is a prelude to your home's color scheme. In this case, the rug's colors of pale green, muted blue, and taupe ground the space, but also act as an introduction to the home's overall color scheme.

Hallway before and after

Here is the before and after.

Hallway decor ideas

I trust that you are walking away with plenty of ideas on how to decorate a hallway today. While there are many good hallway decor ideas out there, this important space often goes unnoticed. But no more!

I hope I've inspired you to look at ways to furnish and decorate your entry to create a welcoming and functional space that will make you smile every time you walk into your home.

How do you plan to style your entryway at home? Share your plans for curating new and exciting hallway decor in the comments section that follows.

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  • Melissa Melissa on Apr 01, 2024
    I like what you’ve done with your hallway. However my hallway is very narrow &! Use a Rollator to get around. I’m not sure I cover through the hallway if I add anything. I have a beautiful hand painted Chinese console that I would like to put there against the wall. It’s black with gold design on it of Chinese scenes. It used to have a bowl on top that I put my car keys in & my purse. I’m afraid to damage it so I haven’t put it there. Right now it’s in the sunroom with a recliner on each side. Any suggestions for narrow hall & my kitchen backs on that wall. My entry in from the garage has a utility close & cleaning products/ vacuum in that closet. My dog has decided that areas is where she has to go to the potty inside so there’s no room anyway to put anything at all there.
  • Fancy Fancy on Apr 06, 2024
    Beautiful entry my entry is similar to that great ideas thank you