6 Functional & Beautiful Entryway Design Ideas

Every part of your home deserves to be happy; these entryway design ideas can make that happen. Many people focus on the living room and the bedroom and completely ignore the hallways and passages. Every part of your home is an opportunity to showcase your taste and style despite what your style is.

I know hallways and passages are usually small, so people just leave it what it is—another passage to a more interesting room. There are, however, a few ways to make that narrow, dull, and maybe dark hallway a more inviting space in your home.

Do you have a spacious entryway or a hallway at home? Let's talk about a few things to consider when designing your hallway.

1. Positive vibes

Although not often talked about, the way a space looks can affect your mental and psychological state of mind, either positively or negatively. As we usually say, positive vibes only. So, how can we design a hallway with positive vibes?

Runner in an entryway

2. Runners

If you have a full hallway, using a runner is a great time. Get a nice rug to cover the floor since it will be a high-traffic zone. It will also beautify the area and give you a welcome feel. Think about rolling out a red carpet for yourself or your guests.

Entryway runners come in different colors, sizes, and designs. You can shop online or find a store near you to get one.

Matching wallpaper and sofa

3. Wallpaper

Get your colors right, but if you decide to use wallpaper, the kind of wallpaper you use can make your space look bigger or smaller. So, if the height of your hallway is a little short, you may want to use wallpaper with horizontal stripes. That's because it gives the illusion of a longer wall.

Different types of wallpaper can make your hallway look longer, taller, or wider. So figure out what you need and get it to fix your space.

Decorating the entryway walls with family photos

4. Decor for the walls

Wall decors are essential. Never leave your walls bare. Use beautiful decor pieces. Some wall decor ideas are paintings, frames, murals, clocks, wall hanging plans, Family photos, wooden wall decor, and mirrors. Panel mirrors with the console table, and then the console table never goes wrong in the hallway if properly positioned.

Bench in an entryway

Dressers and benches are also perfect for your hallways and entries.

You don't necessarily need to have both of them in the same space anyway. A bench in the entryway can be positioned for people to take off their shoes or wear them when leaving. They can also wait there before getting into the main living room.

Well-lit entryway

5. Lighting

Just imagine those dark, long, creepy hallways in horror movies. You don't want your hallway looking that creepy. Depending on how your entrance is, some homes have a little passage before the main living room. That small passage needs to be properly lit and decorated.

Lighting in an entryway

That entrance will give your guests an idea of what the main sitting room would look like. So light it up. Use ceiling lights, floor lights, and wall lights. Just light it up and ensure you don't have a dark hallway.

Big planters in an entryway

6. Using plants

I saw a video on YouTube of a remodeling gone wrong. The entrance had a wall full of live plants. It looked like a green room. I love plants, no doubt, but this was horrendous. It was creepy looking.

The staircase had green turf. Carpet grass, as we call it, around here. It's a great idea if you're designing a front porch or an outdoor setting but not an entrance or a hallway. It's a no-no. Not the turf. It looked like something straight out of a horror movie.

Plants in an entryway

Still, you need to creatively use plants. It could be live or artificial, whichever suits you, with lovely vases and planters.

Just make sure it looks good. I usually prefer artificial plants because they don't need any care or maintenance except dusting them when they look dirty.

Entryway design ideas

Use these entryway design ideas to make your entry welcoming. They say you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. What have you done in your entryway to make it more welcoming? Share in the comments below.

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