Afro-Boho Dining Room Makeover on a Budget

Today, I'll be working on a dining room makeover. This room is going to be a little tricky, but I love designing rooms like this. I tackle some of the most challenging rooms in a home and turn them into a destination the homeowners will love.

In one weekend, using paint, repurposed furniture, a few budget-friendly new and secondhand purchases, and some good old DIY sweat equity from the homeowner, I sprinkle my magic pixie dust, creating beautifully curated spaces.

Trust me, it's not just a room makeover; it transforms your life. I'm going to be giving you a backstage pass to see all the prep, the process, and the dramatic before and after reveal.

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How to do a dining room makeover

Dining room makeover plan

For this room, I happen to be my client. My challenge was that I had a dining room that wasn't so bad but wasn't just right. I had some color fixing to do in this reimagined and refreshed dining room. How did I go from the before to the after in this room? Let me show you how.

When I purchased this 1925 bungalow, I remodeled the inside and the outside at the same time. I decided to paint the adjoining dining room and living room the same gorgeous color, Hermitite, and it worked fine until it no longer worked.

Firecracker Red color in the dining room

In pandemic 2020, I got the bright idea to paint the dining room and give it its identity with a Firecracker Red color, which worked fine until it didn't.

How to paint cabinets

Jump to the pandemic 2021, and I got the bright idea to paint my kitchen using my original idea: light upper and dark lower cabinets.

So, I guess I could say painting these cabinets gave me a design challenge and opportunity.

Repainted kitchen
Lighter top cabinets
Painting cabinets

I began by painting my kitchen cabinets in a beautiful, luscious, light gray uppers, then painted the walls the same light gray, and finally, the dark lower cabinets with this awesome Mocha Black from Sherwin-Williams.

Those choices really gave this kitchen an airy, boho, afro-boho kind of vibe, and I knew that I wasn't going to be satisfied with that dining room any longer.

Go lighter with wall colors

Bringing two room designs together

So, my design solution was to go lighter. Take that awesome Warm Putty from Sherwin-Williams and use the same paint color on the walls in the adjoining dining room.

I loved making all the discoveries and surprises that resulted from changing that wall color from Firecracker Red to Warm Putty. I brought these two rooms together so they flowed instead of having two very distinct and somewhat jarring designs.

Creating harmony between spaces

One of the best solutions was creating harmony between the adjoining kitchen and dining room.

Synchronizing those two spaces using the Warm Putty wall color was golden. Another solution was unexpected. That Warm Putty, that color allowed the granite in that nook to pop. Another design solution is the lighter wall color, which is going to be a yummy, almost gallery-like backdrop for my new decor and the new vibe in my magnificent dining room.

Adding Afro-Boho decor

The next step is adding the Afro-Boho decor. I've always admired the African juju hat. Originally a ceremonial headdress, but now an allowed contemporary wall hanging.

African juju hat decor

So that's precisely what I got.

This piece alone sets the tone for that layer of Afro-Bohemian decor and the energy I want in this space that honors my ancestral heritage. It is also just pretty funky and pretty cool. One of the principles of joyful design is that your space, your home, should honor who you are. Allow your design choices to reflect your deep respect for your heritage.

Afro-Boho custom-designed artwork

I decided to add some custom-designed artwork to add that next layer of Afro-Boho vibe.

This dining room has had quite a life in just four short years. But this project just goes to show that sometimes you have to paint a room a couple of times to land on the money shot. This original custom on-a-budget wall art really pops against that wall color.

DIY Afro-Boho cushion covers

I added another layer of that cool chic Afro-Boho vibe with these Kuba cloth pillows I hand-stitched. I believe in custom on a budget for beauty that doesn't break the bank.

Dining room makeover reveal
After the dining room makeover
Dining room makeover

The final reveal, where everything came together.

The lighter paint color, African-Bohemian design, and the harmony created between the kitchen and dining room.

Dining room makeover

My dining room makeover is another successful DIY redesign where I help homeowners, in this case myself, make their home custom on a budget and turn their home into a destination they love. Leave a comment and let me know what rooms you're working on making over in your home. Share your ideas below.

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