Cool Front Porch Makeover in a Modern Bohemian Style

Cheryl, who lives in a house in the Oakley district of Mobile, Alabama, has spent a large part of her life traveling around the world. Everywhere she goes, she tends to find items that she loves and brings them home to feather her nest, while keeping a constant reminder of all the places she's been.

As much as she loves all of her travel finds, thus far, it was all starting to feel a little cluttered around her home recently, so she asked me to help her find a better way to display her collection on her front porch, where she spends a lot of her time.

Today, we're going to show you how we were able to edit down Cheryl's incredible collection without sacrificing her totally cool modern bohemian style.

Front porch before the makeover

As you may already know, modern bohemian is an interior design style that is really in right now, but Cheryl was boho way before it ever became a trend. With over 25 years of collecting under her belt so far, she has no shortage of items to style her living spaces.

Decluttering the front porch

To start her front porch design, we cleaned off the entire area and went shopping in her house and backyard to find the perfect items to display.

More decor in storage

Then, we headed out to her garage, where she keeps even more fun finds stored away.

Items from travels

Some of the items in her collection are actually from Southeastern Salvage while others are from Indonesia. Most of the stuff she collected in the past ended up getting shipped back to Alabama because she loves the modern bohemian interior design aesthetic so much, she simply had to have them.

Modern bohemian fabrics

Cheryl says that she has had a lot of these items for a long time and still hasn’t done anything with them. She kept thinking that she was going to make dresses or something out of them eventually, but she hasn't done it.

She thinks that they'd be really cool hanging up, maybe as a backdrop. So, once we found some items for inspiration, we got to work assembling them on the front porch.

Fabrics with vivid hues and bold patterns

A few key tips to achieving the modern bohemian style interior design look Cheryl is going for is to use vivid hues and bold patterns in every imaginable color of the rainbow, all together in one space.

Fun and colorful fabrics

More is more in this case. Every nook and cranny should be filled with fun, colorful objects that catch your eye. And finally, remember to mix it up.

Bohemian style decor

The biggest rule in bohemian style is that there are no rules. It's all about comfort, relaxation, and serenity. Let all the things that you love shape the space you live in.

Hanging fabrics

So, after we put up all of these beautiful, colorful panels on the wall, and we put her porch swing back up, we kind of had a large, blank space.

Adding greenery

So, we added a bar stool for height and then added this beautiful large fern on top of it to add some color and texture, filling up that space.

Modern bohemian style

Cheryl's natural bohemian style really inspired me to be able to come up with a pared-down and refreshed space for her to enjoy with her pups and guests, day or night.

Modern bohemian front porch

I'm so excited that we were able to take all of Cheryl's worldwide travel finds and pare them down into a really sleek design for her front porch that really keeps with her bohemian style.

Modern bohemian style

Looking to create a modern bohemian aesthetic in your home? Use the modern bohemian style tips I shared and find some photos for inspiration. What is your favorite piece from Cheryl’s worldwide collection? Let me know in the comments below.

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