Front Porch Makeover: Refreshing My Outdoor Space For Summer

Monica Rose
by Monica Rose

I am going to be getting a front porch makeover on a budget. It turned out so adorable, and it was very budget-friendly. I'll show you how the process went and how you can makeover your front porch.

Before the makeover

I had some pots over here by the bench with some flowers months ago that had been pulled up because they had died. I have a pot behind the overgrown bench that needs to be pruned, and then over in the corner, I have a massive rose bush. There is another one next to it that has died. I need to pull that up. I want to make this area inviting and fun and to bring life to it.

Clean and prune

I will first clean up this area by removing everything on the front porch, taking my hose, and cleaning everything. I will clean the exterior walls, the window, and the door. I always like to start with a good cleaning before decorating.

Once all those dead branches were pruned off of that mum plant, I moved to my rosebush.

I wish I had more confidence in what I was doing over here because if I knew that this would just come back really full and pretty if I trimmed it down, I would do it in a second, but I am just so worried that if I trim this down low, it's going to stay small. I added a few bags of some new soil and planted another rose bush.

After the cleanup

So this, I love this over here. I planted a pink rose, which is similar to what I already have there.

Then I added some ivy, and I can't wait to see how big this other rose bush will get.

I love the color pink, so I decided to stick with that color scheme, and I'm going to be planting some pink geraniums in these pots over here, along with some potato vines.

I was going to place everything back where it was, but I thought I would switch things up just a little bit, so I'm moving this bistro set over here to this side, and then I'm going to place the bench over by the window.

I love how this looks. It looks inviting, and I love how it's turned out so far.

Decorating the porch

I found this round outdoor rug at Hobby Lobby. I wanted to go with the black, white, and pink colors out here for this area. I used the black from the door, the bench, and the Bistro set, and then I wanted to pull the pinks from the flowers I used.

So, along with that pink color, I found this welcome mat with some pink flowers that were perfect with everything I was doing here.

I found both of those front mats at Hobby Lobby as well.

A front porch is not complete without a beautiful wreath, which I also found at Hobby Lobby.

I love how this looks natural, subtle, simple, and pretty. I love how it has those pinks and a few other summer colors.

I love this black urn that I have.

I keep it on my front porch throughout every season. I just cleaned it with a hose and added these ferns I also picked up at Hobby Lobby. They were 50 % off, and I think it looks pretty over here, even though they are not real ferns. I wish I could keep real ferns alive here on my front porch, but it's next to impossible here in the desert.

I felt like buffalo check pillows were perfect for the bench I placed under the window, and they go exactly with the colors I am using.

I had a front porch bucket list sign from years ago from Hobby Lobby.

I am so happy with how everything looks.

I love sitting out here now; it looks so inviting, fun, and very colorful. Even though it's not the neutrals I usually go for, I love how much life has been brought to this front porch since I did this makeover.

Front porch makeover

I hope you all enjoyed my front porch makeover on a budget. I also hope it gave you some decorating inspiration. What is your favorite part of the makeover? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Hope Hope on May 02, 2024
    Very Cute!! Thanks for the inspiration…I will be working on my sad little porch today. ;)
  • Kcole Kcole on May 02, 2024
    Where do you find the circle rug?
    • Charlotte Charlotte on May 02, 2024
      She said, "I found this round outdoor rug at Hobby Lobby."