How I Did a Cute Front Porch Makeover With Pops of Yellow

Monica Rose
by Monica Rose

I am so excited to share my front porch makeover with you. My front porch came out so cheerful and happy, and I just loved the pops of yellow that I added. Join me as I show you the step-by-step transformation of my porch.

Paint the front door

The first thing that I'm going to do is start by painting my front door. I love how this turned out. I thought it was too much of a dark color, but with the black and the white trim and all the yellow flowers, it just makes everything pop, so I am so happy that I did it.

I made sure that I cleaned off the door really well to get rid of any dirt or dust or any of that kind of stuff, and then I taped off the window portion of this door really, really well.

I used FrogTape, and I feel that it worked really well. The only issue that I had was when I pulled the tape off. I didn't pull it off when the paint was still wet, and it did pull off some of that paint with it, but I just went back in with this brush that I'm showing here, and it worked out fine.

So the first part of the door that I will paint is those creases and in those places that cannot be reached with a roller because when I go back in with a roller, it'll get rid of most of those brush marks. I did have to do several coats to get a really nice finish on here without any of that white showing through.

I did have to take the handle, and that deadbolt locks off as well.

I have so much detail on this handle, and I just felt like it would be way too hard to paint around it, so I ended up taking the handle off and then giving this door about two coats of that paint with the roller.

If I were to do anything differently, I would have added a primer to this front door. Even though this paint came with a built-in primer, I felt like there was a lot of that paint slipping around, and it couldn't really grab the door. I think it was mainly because of the door texture, to begin with.

Setting up plants

The look that I'm going for here on my front porch is something bright and cheery. I am so in love with the bee look for summer, and I wanted to pull from that look and go with a lot of bright yellows and oranges.

I found a beautiful yellow bell plant at Home Depot.

Over here is a version of a marigold. These bright, big flowers are just so pretty, and then I am planting some more petunias.

I found some yellow and red petunias, and I love how those yellow pops really bring life to this front porch.

I am planting some petunias and another one of those marigolds over in the pot that sits right by the front door. I love how black and yellow really pop together. I think it just looks so gorgeous.


I made a huge mess with the potting soil, and I originally was not planning on taking everything off this patio and giving it a really good clean, but honestly, I felt like it really needed that after I planted these flowers.

So after I give them a good drink of water, I am going to remove the doormat and the table and chairs and everything out of the way. Then I'm going to hose off the front porch, and I'm going to use my blower and give it a really good cleaning. Then I'm also going to clean the window.


Now that I have everything cleaned up, I am just going to put things back, and then I'm going to share with you some super adorable pillow covers that I found on Amazon.

So these are those bee pillows that I was talking about a few seconds ago, and I love them.

They are so darn cute and perfect for indoors or outdoors. I did end up spraying these with Scotchgard protectant to keep the colors from fading.

I found this lantern several years ago, and I'm just placing it on this table and then placing some flowers around it to make it look pretty for my door hanger.

I am using a tin wall pocket that I found in Hobby Lobby a few years ago, and then I'm placing some greenery in here.

Next I'm adding some yellow florals and some lemons.

I also found this wall decal or door decal that says Welcome on Amazon.

I was initially going to place this in the middle of the door, but I felt like offsetting it closer to the handle would look so much better, and I love how this pops against the black color. It brings everything together, and I love it. I did go back over with my finger and just pressed it down really well.

This is a sign that I previously had inside, and I brought it outside. I am just over the moon happy with how everything turned out

I hope my front porch makeover gave you a lot of decorating ideas. I also hope it inspired you to give your front porch a mini makeover or a little bit of a refresh. What plans do you have for your front porch? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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