Jazz up Your Empty, Boring Hallway

The hallway above is like many of the homes I've been in. Unlit, blank, and oh so boring! Here are a few tips and tricks to bring the wow factor to your hallway:

The first transformation is a traditional yet fun one. A dark wall color, as long as it is met with plenty of light, can make your space really pop! A runner lays on the new oak wood floors.

As this hall connects to the bedrooms and bathrooms of the house, this space is bustling in the mornings, the chalkboard at the end of the hall is a great place for mom to put chores lists, to-do lists, and menus for the kids to see!

The second transformation is a Scandinavian inspired space with the same oak wood floors. We again, amp-ed up the lighting to ensure that the space was well lit. We also added dark wood beams to the ceiling to draw the eye upward, making the space feel taller.

The end of your hallway is full of potential and leaving it empty is a sure-fire way to have a boring space! I typically use it for storage or display as well as put up some art, paint it a contrasting color, or like above putting up some fun wallpaper!

I hope one of these solutions inspired you! Have any more hallway ideas? Let us know in the comments! 

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  • Ann Ann on Aug 01, 2023

    I have a long narrow hallway in my bunga!ow. It has 2 doors on the left for bedrooms, 1 door on the right for the lounge/diner and 1 for the kitchen. At the far end there is a door to the bathroom. At the opposite end is the door to the outside. There is little natural light. It was painted magnolia with white doors. I need to make it light and welcoming. Any ideas? Please.

  • Brenda Cooley Brenda Cooley on Sep 03, 2023

    I absolutely love the dark blue walls and the white trim very striking.