Curb Appeal Ideas: How to Makeover an Outdated Porch

I helped homeowners, Zach and Erica, with their exterior design dilemma. They needed curb appeal ideas to update this family house. The outdated house needed a facelift but they didn’t know what to do with it.

In their own words, they thought their house looked the worst on their block. But I've come to fix that!

Porch before the makeover
Porch before

1. Before

The couple told me that they envisioned the space to be brighter and lighter, and I could see they loved the farmhouse style. I definitely agree the dark space should be lightened up. The front of the house sort of disappears because it’s so dark under the eaves.

Concept for the porch makeover

2. Concept

I thought the porch could use wrapped cedar columns. Replacing the existing siding on the front of the house with board-and-batten siding would add so much light. I also suggested adding some beautiful window casings to add a custom look to the house. I also wanted to paint the front door a sage green.

Finally, adding farmhouse-style lights to the wall pulls together the rustic look. This design helps pull the eye all the way around the front from left to right and up.

Old porch floor
Painting over the porch floor
New porch floor

3. Porch floor

Back when Erica was a little girl, her mom had a great idea to paint a brick look on the porch floor and it took weeks to finish. But now, Erica wants it gone so we covered it over with gray porch paint.

Wood stains on cypress wood
Experimenting with paint colors and wood stains

4. Cypress wrap

This is the cypress we wrapped the columns with and we decided to go with the rough side showing. We experimented with stains that would go with the three colors I’m using on the porch, which are sage, white, and gray. The wood would have more UV protection when it’s stained with a darker color.

Taking off the old siding
Installing the board and batten

5. Board and batten siding

We took off the old siding and installed the board and batten. The vertical lines of the board and batten break up the long front.

Painting the original siding white

6. Original siding

We repainted the original siding with the same white paint used on the board and batten.

Old windows
Framing the window

7. Window

The vinyl siding came right up to the edge of the window. We added framing to give the window special detailing.

Taking off the aluminum covers
Wrapping the columns with cypress wood
Molding at the bottom of the columns
Cypress wood molding

8. Columns

The original columns were wrapped in aluminum and they were just dingy and nothing special. We took off the aluminum and rewrapped them with the cypress wood. The cypress wood wrapping is larger than the columns to give it some heft.

The columns are also detailed with simple molding at the top and bottom. I opted for a lighter stain because I know that the wood will change color and deepen over time.

Changing out the porch lights

9. Porch lights

The original lights were too high up and they were too small for the space. I lowered the new farmhouse lamps, which were also larger than the old lights.

Old yellow door
Soft green front door

10. The door

Brown and yellow together are not such a great combination. But that was the original door. The new, soft green flows with the other colors on the house.

Adding plants around the property
Landscaping around the property

11. Landscaping

The landscaping needed to be super, super simple. I decided to pull three simple plants across the front of the house.

Staining the planters
Planter with ferns
Planters either side of the front door

12. Planters

I stained the planters for the front door just a little to contrast with the white backdrop. The ferns give the entrance a pop of green.

Welcome mat with a "P"
Patterned pillow
Tree stump side table
Side table next to a chair
Succulents on a side table

13. Accessories

We put in a mix of modern, traditional, texture, and color all in that one small area to draw your eye in. I love the modern chair set and traditional faux wood stump side tables.

Porch after the makeover
Porch makeover
Curb appeal ideas

Curb appeal ideas

In a week’s turnaround, the whole look of the house changed. Adding curb appeal does not have to be a major and disruptive renovation. What do you think of this curb appeal facelift? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • RAC RAC on Mar 11, 2024
    Great shade of green for the front door! The color will flow nicely with all seasonal decorating colors. Nice choices, nicely done!
  • P P on Apr 08, 2024
    Please put the 2 chairs together as a conversation pairing, on the right side of the porch, & hang a porch swing on the other side of the door, at the end of the porch where there's an 'L' - or put a bar height table & 2 chairs in the angle of the porch.