Cozy Outdoor Decorating Ideas & Patio Area Makeover

Today, we'll share some cozy outdoor decorating ideas as we do our pitch makeover. I'm going to get one of my outdoor living spaces set up. What I've chosen for the space is a four-piece set that comes with two chairs, a love seat, and a coffee table in the color natural.

Swan decor

I went ahead and picked up two swans for decor, and although they are beautiful in white, I preferred to have them in black. I knew that I wanted to go ahead and get these spray-painted black.

Now, while the swans are drying, we'll go on up here, and I'm going to go ahead and start to remove those things that I've had there since the winter of last year. I'm going to be changing out what I have on either side of this door, so my plan is to take these planters and move them to the front of the house.

Door makeover

I happened to find some beautiful door hangers and wreath hangers. I thought they were really exceptional. They are so heavy, and I love the design of it. Before we start decorating here, I have a little bit more maintenance to do. I'm going to go ahead and clean the glass.

I'm also going to touch up the paint on the door. I always keep on hand the paint colors, especially inside my home; it's really convenient when you're getting ready to do a makeover or refresh. If you have it on hand, you can go ahead and retouch it up any paint that you, you know, need in any areas that you might need to do that.


Now comes the fun part of getting everything decorated. The set that I had in this area last year was only three pieces. Two chairs and a little side table, so I'm just trying to figure out the placement for the rug and for the furniture itself because it is a bigger set, but I don't want it to be too close to the door.

The rugs that I have down were purchased last year. I do know that one of them came from Pop Shelf, and the other one came from a thrift store. The larger one I only paid $20 for at a thrift store, and the one at Pop Shelf, the one that is at the door, that one was $ 12.99.

Eventually, I would like to have like a pergola over this area, but that is a project that will probably be put on the list for next year

After playing with it for a while, I think I finally figured out the placement of the furniture as it relates to the door there, and now I'm going to go ahead and bring out the glass.

I really love it after seeing it for the first time. I really love the fact that the glass is colored glass. It is in that natural color, the same as the furniture, and I really like the fact that it is a gorgeous color.

Final touches

This rooster I've had for at least ten years came from Hobby Lobby a long time ago. It will be a part of today's makeover. I'm also using black and white pillows that I recently found at Marshall's, and they were $ 19.99. and I also have another set here that I found when I was out and about at Ross.

Now, here is some ribbon that I picked up at Joann's, and it was like 60 % off.

I love the fact that it has the bunnies on it that correlate with my wreath hanger, but I'm not really sure if it's going to be something I use. All that's left to do is add my doormat, and we will be ready for the reveal.

Mr. Rooster here looks as good as new after getting a new coat of black paint.

I chose to sit him inside a boxed wreath. That's that pop of green against the black and the white.

Door area decor

Here at the door, I just took two bundles of red florals that I had kind of like swags, placed them together, and topped it off with a black and white harlequin bow, and then as we come on down, I did add two ferns this year.

I had this black and white box, and I got some new flowers from Home Depot.

I got some geraniums, and I chose to go ahead and accent it with the color red. I think that it is just so beautiful: the black, the white, and then the subtle little hints of red. I really love the pillows that I picked up from Ross.

Here is an overall look at the door and the entryway.

I picked up the welcome sign from a festival. You can find a lot of handmade things at festivals. I think I only paid $30 for it, and it is huge.

The design of this furniture is stunning.

Here on the ground, I have some plants. I have vinca there and plants in the vinca family. I'll be planting those somewhere else, but I have them sitting there for now so that I won't forget to water them until I get them planted.

I hope that you have enjoyed seeing my porch makeover. As always, we want you to make the life that you live a life that you love. Share your porch makeover plans in the comments below.

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