Small Laundry Room Makeover Ideas & Design

I'm going to give you another tour of my laundry room, which is a continuation of the makeover we've done. While our previous makeover looked great, we remodeled our kitchen, which involved changing the laundry room once again. We created a hidden pantry using half of the space in the current laundry room.

So this tour will show you how we utilized a smaller space but still made it look quaint and adorable. I am going to show you some of the things I used in this laundry room to decorate and to organize it.

I love bunnies so when I found this wallpaper on Amazon, I had to have it, and I loved the color of the blue.

This wallpaper is peel-and-stick.

It was super easy. I loved this color so much that I took a piece of the wallpaper to the paint store and had them color-match it. That's what I used on the cabinets behind me.

My husband built all of the cabinetry for me, and before he started to build, he asked me what I wanted to keep in the laundry room so that he knew how to accommodate what I needed.

On this side, I love that he made two closed cabinets so I can hide messes, and you don't always want to see an ironing board and a vacuum.

I found cute little knobs at Lowe's. I wanted to have a little bit of a brushed brass look in here. Unfortunately, the hinges were not brass, so what did I do? I broke out the Rub n' Buff, then coated the hinges, and now they match.

I found some plaid wallpaper that matched the bunny wallpaper well and utilized that in the larger laundry room. I had some leftovers. I put some wallpaper inside the cabinet. I will tell you putting this wallpaper up was quicker than painting. I ran out of this same plaid wallpaper, but I found one very similar to the one I'm going to use in the other cabinet.

Let's talk about this center and the shelving my husband built.

He made sure the two shelves were wide enough to put laundry baskets on, and I love these scalloped laundry baskets. I found them at Home Goods, and they're gorgeous.

My husband also put a rod at the top where I can hang all of the clothes that I need to dry, and there's enough space up here that I have a folding station. Of course, I added the wallpaper here and hung a picture.

I didn't have enough of that plaid wallpaper in my other cabinet, but I found adorable gingham wallpaper on Amazon, and I'm going to do the inside of that cabinet. So I'm not finished yet, but I will use that wallpaper to wallpaper the inside of the cabinet.

I keep all of my cleaning supplies in here.

I found a picture light on Amazon that plugs in, but I also purchased a timer so that it can come on at a certain time in the evening and go off at about ten o'clock at night.

Here's my little planting hack.

If I like the plant but don't like the pot it's in, I'm going to drop it into a real clay pot to give the illusion that it is an actual plant.

I found this scallop basket on Amazon, and I got it so that it would match my laundry room baskets. All I keep in it is some rags that I use to clean.

I asked my husband to frame my washer and dryer, and he used a butcher block to create a waterfall effect, but there's also more room for me to fold clothes.

I love how laundry detergent looks in a glass jar, and I got these beautiful little scoops to set inside, and it just looks extra pretty on my laundry room cabinet.

I love to find something old to put into my design, so I went off to the antique store and found a wood washboard and two little wooden mirrors.

The tile from my original laundry room makeover has held up beautifully and saved us a lot of money.

I got this quaint little light fixture off of Amazon, and I think the beads add the perfect touch to add more old to what's new here.

I looked on Facebook Marketplace and found this cool glass-wood door so I can shut off this room when my laundry room is being utilized.

Remember, when designing a room, add old to new and shop in different places. That is how you create a curated design.

I hope I was able to give you some laundry room ideas you can use in your own home. What is your favorite part of the laundry room makeover? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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