The 10 Best IKEA Living Room Furniture Pieces For Your Space

Casa Chaps
by Casa Chaps

IKEA living room furniture is versatile and beautiful. I'm going to talk about 10 IKEA products to make your living room interior design pop. From sofas to offer tables, find out what IKEA pieces will make your living room look fantastic.

1. Sofa

Our first-ever sofa was from IKEA. It's the one that you see behind me. I love this sofa, and honestly, there are many reasons you should, too. I don't think you can find a better deal than the Soderhamn sofa in terms of aesthetics, style, and price. It is a low-profile sofa with metallic legs.

The issue I have with this sofa is that it is uncomfortable. The combination of it having a deep seat, which is low, makes it quite uncomfortable, especially when you're watching TV. Unless you're a very tall person, you might want to keep this point in mind.

2. Lamp

There's something nostalgic about this little lamp I have right here. Traditional kerosene lamps inspire it, providing the perfect mood lighting, which is soft and warm. The visible light bulb emulates a live flame, so when you look at it, it's almost like you're at a fireside.

The great thing is that you can adjust the brightness with the built-in dimmer. I always encourage you to layer lighting in all your spaces: ambient, task, and accent lighting.

3. Baskets

Keeping clutter in baskets can help create calm surroundings while adding style to your domain. I love this basket because you have two looks for the cost of one.

You can either have the handles turned up to hide your things, or you can turn them down and inside to display the content. This multifunctional basket is hand-woven and acts as a natural and genuine expression of any space. You can use it to store almost anything.

4. Rug

This rug can sometimes be too bold and daring, but that's precisely what I love about it. It's a great way to add interest and movement to an otherwise boring floor.

There is an essential interior design principle about choosing the correct rug size. The correct rug size should at least fit all the front legs of your furniture should be on top of that rug, or if you want an even bigger one, then all of the furniture should fit on top of the rug.

5. TV console

I love all things Besta. I have the Besta TV unit, and I love its contemporary appearance. It gives that modern vibe together with practical function. You get lots of storage space and relief from all the cables because it is the perfect solution, so you don't have to worry about cables getting messy or gathering dust. It also comes in many colors and finishes to get a customized look for less.

I mounted mine on the wall above the floor. This is an excellent solution for a small space because it uses less floor space and instead utilizes wall space. We also added an LED strip behind the console, illuminating the space between the console and the floor, giving it that contemporary finish we love.

6. Accent chair

This armchair adds a stylish retro vibe to the room, inspired by Scandinavian design. It's a one-size-fits-all because you can place it either in your living room, bedroom, or hallway or even set it up in a comfortable sitting and reading nook, giving it a classic look. It also fits other styles, like Japandi, because of the wooden elements, and mid-century modern, because of the peg legs.

7. Side tables

End tables and side tables are much more than just a sidekick to your coffee table or a sidekick to your sofa. Incorporating them in your living room will help you keep everything handy for that perfect movie night or reading marathon.

This side table is really easy to love because of the price. It is also light and easy to move around because of the removable tray top, which is handy when you want to serve your guests some snacks or when you want to transport some dirty dishes from the living room to the kitchen.

8. Mirror

Now, imagine a large living room with this huge mirror where you can place it on the floor and anchor it against the wall. If you have a smaller, intimate space, you can still hang it on the wall, and you can hang it vertically or horizontally.

A large mirror is convenient and can make a room feel bigger. The thick black frame of this mirror gives it a contemporary look. Mirrors are not just decorative; they're also functional. So, if your living room lacks natural light, mirrors are a great way to circumvent and brighten a dark room.

To make this feature particularly more prominent, you want to hang your mirror on a wall adjacent to the window so that you have a reflection of light between the window and the mirror.

9. Coffee table

Think about where to store remote controls, magazines, popcorn bowls, you name it. This coffee table handles all of that seamlessly. I love that because it is sleek and minimal, plus it also keeps you ultra-organized with the hidden storage under the table.

The elongated shape allows for maximum space to put your tea, your cakes, and your magazine as your guests sit on a sofa so they can access it, and the rounded corners in a small room prevent your legs from hitting the corners.

10. Armchair

If you have a laid-back style and want to bring some nature into your living room, this chair is your answer. It is hand-woven with rattan bamboo and has some wood and natural materials.

This chair works best in a tropical, bohemian, eclectic, or beach-themed house. This armchair is just as functional as it is decorative because its soft shape and comfortable cushions will embrace you when you sit on it.

IKEA living room furniture

As you can see, the IKEA living room furniture is flexible and works in almost any interior design. What is your favorite IKEA living room furniture piece? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Hope Hope on May 23, 2024
    Hi Casa...I really liked the coffee table and the MCM chair is great!! It’s been a long tiime since I’ve shopped Ikea. I will have to check them out soon to see all of the ‘new stuff’. ;) One question about the MCM chair tho’...I was reading the reviews for it on Ikea’s website. Almost all of them were very positive but…the ones that were not all stated either: It’s hard to assemble - tho’ most people didn’t seem to have that problem and…apparently some people experienced issues with the brown stain coming off of the arms when the chair is used. (weird). Have you experienced any issues with it..?