Spring Living Room Decor

I’m going to show you my spring living room decor ideas. I have an open-concept home and I divide it up into sections to make it easier to decorate. Let’s get started.


I hung my spring wreath up over the mantel. I got that wreath at Hobby Lobby. I added white cherry blossoms and twigs inside my demijohn jars (from Kirkland’s). This year it was tough for me to decorate this mantel for spring. I think the dark stone throws me off when using spring colors.

Cloche and rabbit

I got this cloche from Michael’s. I put some terra-cotta seed pods under the glass to put up on the mantel.

I also added a neutral-toned rabbit. I have a white rabbit, too. Let me know which one you like better!

Wooden crate

I have a little crate and added some little terra-cotta pots and some lavender greenery I’ve had for so many years.


I cleaned out my fireplace. I added dough bowls and a stool to display for the spring. I’ll put some tulips on the stool when they come out.

I thrifted a milk bucket and put in six bundles of little yellow flowers that I fluffed out in the container. I also thrifted a vintage vegetable basket for a few dollars and filled it with florals that I had on hand, including lavender, yellow, peach, and purple stems. I usually put birch logs in my fireplace but I was inspired by a Pinterest image and thought this basket would be much prettier.


I’m still working on my quilt! I took it off the stand so I can try to finish it before the summer.

Chair and table

I have a neutral pillow, a thrifted cream throw, and a spring and summer hat for display.

I’m putting this little egg on this table to keep it simple.

Large floor lantern

I have this aqua glass jug that I got from Hobby Lobby and I added faux tulips.


I added some little vases from Hobby Lobby and I thrifted a little basket to hold tissues. I put a little watering can filled with magnolia stems on the bottom shelf of one end table. On the other end table’s bottom shelf, I added a little wooden bowl filled with faux eggs and a rabbit, all from Hobby Lobby.

Pillow covers

These are embroidered on the front with green piping around the pillow. I love the texture and colors it adds to my sofa for spring.

Spring living room decor

I hope you found some spring living room ideas for your own home. Please let me know what you think in the comments. I especially need help decorating that mantel! I’m not sure I love what’s up there now so let me know your thoughts on my spring living room decor.

You can find some of these items I used today in my video in my Amazon storefront under the living room or spring section. (Some links allow for me to earn a small commission, no extra charges to use at all).

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  • Marilyn Marilyn on Apr 09, 2024
    Your quilt is beautiful. Did you piece the plates? Love the basket inside the fireplace and the bucket of flowers beside it. Love the embroidered pillow, too. Huge bunny art💕💖.