How to Decorate After Christmas: Removing Decor & Refreshing a Space

Monica Rose
by Monica Rose

Christmas decorations are coming down, and I will give you ideas for how to decorate after Christmas. Before that, I want to motivate you to get your stuff down and put it away. I'll show you how I take everything down, store everything, and all that fun stuff.

Living space with Christmas decor

Packing away the family room Christmas tree

I have two really big trees set up for Christmas right now.

Removing decor from a Christmas tree

I will start dismantling my seven-and-a-half-foot flocked Christmas tree in the family room. The tree was gorgeous. Despite not wanting to take everything down, it felt so good to declutter and restore order.

Storage bins for Christmas decor

Taking a minimalistic approach with the ornaments, I carefully removed each one, placing them back into their ornament boxes before neatly storing them in bins in my garage for the next holiday season.

Christmas mantel

Storing the Christmas village

I loved setting this little village up on my mantel this year. I thought it looked so pretty, and I don't know where I will place this next year, but I loved how it looked up here. It got noticed more than just being on a little table somewhere in the corner.

To keep all the smaller pieces together so they don't get lost, I just placed them in a ziplock bag, and then for the homes, I detached them from all of the lights, placed them securely in a bin, and then kept the lights together.

Decorating after Christmas

I've been searching on Pinterest for many ideas for decorating between winter and spring. I love the green colors right now, so I'm going to look into some decor ideas for some really pretty greens.

I want to go with all shades of green. I like the sage. I like the forest green. I like that velvet textured fabric for some throw pillows on my sofa. I'm just going to look around and see what I can find. I will also go through my bins with my spring florals and see if I have any muted greens or cream colors that would go with some greens.

I am considering replacing my planter box with the burgundy-colored florals with some greens and whites and putting that back in my hutch.

Packing away the Christmas decor

I try to get all of the little things put away first, and I like to keep the rooms together, so if I'm packing up the living room or the family room, I keep those bins together. That way, I can just take those bins out next year and place them in the rooms, then pull the stuff out and start decorating.

Removing Christmas decor
Packing garlands in storage bins

It saves me from pulling out every single bin I have for Christmas and searching through all of them to see what is what and what goes where.

Packing away the Christmas tree

I take down the larger pieces, like the Christmas trees, last out of the rooms because sometimes those can get frustrating.

This year, I had to add an extra strand of Christmas lights to this one tree because half the lights went out. Taking the lights off the trees is not a happy thing to do for me.

It gets a little frustrating, and I don't enjoy it. Once everything's put away, it feels good. Putting things away piece by piece is the key to keeping your sanity.

Over on Instagram, I saw many people post what their rooms looked like after taking Christmas down, and it was kind of sad for them.

Clean space in the living room

I feel completely the opposite. It's refreshing, and I can work in a clean space.

Hutch with Christmas decor removed

I like to keep everything clear for at least a week before I start bringing anything else out

Kitchen packing

I'm not going to go through the kitchen cleaning process. I thought I would just quickly snap my fingers and have it all cleaned up.

Kitchen with no seasonal decor

This way, I can show you a little overview of what it looks like now that everything is cleared out.

Decorated Christmas tree

Living room

I have the family room and kitchen all cleaned up, and all of the Christmas decor is put away in those two rooms. I'm heading on into the living room and the entryway. I will be taking all of that decor down.

I love the seasonal decor and have so much fun setting it all up, but I love the feel of everything being put away.

Clean open space without decor

I love the feel of a clean, open room with little clutter and stuff going on everywhere.

Staircase without Christmas decor

I have been feeling so much of my anxiety go away with fewer things in each room, so I am just loving how everything looks right now.

I have decided I'm going to be removing the red toile throw pillows that I have on my sofa. As much as I love them, and they can go with any seasonal decor, I will just put those away. I want a lot of change, and I think that I am going with the green colors.

Sink with labeled soap dispensers

I need to find something that I'll place up on this window.

I want something bright and airy, like something cream or white, or I want to go with a dark velvety green balloon curtain or a valance. I'm still going to be doing some searching online and getting lots of ideas.

Decorating ideas recap

After packing away all my Christmas decor, I'm looking into moving to decor with hues of green. It will be transitional from winter to spring. I'll still have decor, but less than my Christmas decorations.

Do you have ideas or plans for how to decorate after Christmas? Share them in the comments below. I'd love to hear from you!

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