Home Colors: How to Select the Right Colors For Your Space

Today, we're going to talk about home colors. The colors you use in your home can dramatically affect your mood and how others react to your space. I went to a friend's house, which was painted all red. I thought I was going to be used for sacrifice.

The role of colors

Have you ever wondered why restaurants are painted red and yellow or why hospitals are painted neutral colors like white or light blue? Colors play an essential part in our lives.

You may not even know it affects how you think, how you buy things, and your psychology overall. Color is a tool that marketers, advertisers, interior designers, and many others use to make you do things, make you feel a certain way, and make you see things the way they want you to see them.

Have you ever seen an advertisement on TV that gets you excited? You're unsure if the product, the color, or the presentation gets you so excited. It happens so passively that you wouldn't even notice, even as little as a call-out text or a buy number.

Colors are intentional

You may think you've never noticed these things, but colors are intentional. Have you noticed that most restaurants use red, yellow, or orange as prominent colors? Like Sweet Sensation, KFC, or Chicken Republic. I can give you a long list of restaurants that have red. This is intentional. It's because red makes you hungry, and when you get hungry, you buy food.

So you see, it's okay for a restaurant to be painted red. But how would you feel if you visited a hotel and saw it painted red or black? Really, how would you feel? Would you sleep there? No. When you understand how colors work, it will help you get the right colors for your home and your offices.

Color selection

Selecting colors is something that a lot of people still don't understand. The fact that you like wearing pink doesn't make it okay to paint your house or office pink. Before you select the color, the first thing to do is understand the purpose of this space.

How do you want to feel when you enter a particular place? What kind of emotion do you want to create? When you understand the kind of emotion you want to create, it will help you select the exact color to create the ambiance and the emotions you want to have or want your clients to have.

Do you know some colors can make you feel uneasy? Some colors can even make you feel scared.

Have you ever wondered why ceilings are usually white? White gives you an illusion of space. So, painting your ceiling white gives you the illusion of more headroom. Claustrophobic people would be comfortable in white spaces.

The meaning of colors

Let's briefly talk about the meaning and importance of some popular colors.

Let's begin with the all-mighty red. Red is an exciting and compelling color. It means love as well as danger. That's why you should know when to use it so you don't misrepresent the emotion you're trying to convey. Red also stimulates hunger. As I said earlier, most restaurants use red as their primary or secondary color.

Yellow is a happy color. It represents the sun. It is linked with having fun, cheerfulness, summer, and general excitement. Yellow is one of the colors food vendors and restaurants use because of the excitement it brings. However, when selecting yellow as your primary color, you must be careful because some shades can be boring and bland.

Blue used to be my favorite color. It represents the sky and the sea. It's a peaceful and calming color. However, it can be too cold and depressing if you don't use it right.

When you hear the color pink, what comes to your mind? Barbie right? Pink is a girly, playful color, sometimes called a mature color. Pink represents femininity. Historically, pink is a female color.

Gray is a neutral color because it falls in between white and black. Gray also has a way of making you feel depressed because of its neutrality. You need a pop of other colors when using gray as your primary color at home or anywhere. You need good accent colors to make the space stand out.

Green represents nature, fertility, generosity, vegetation, and even money, like dollar bills. It's a cool, calming color.

There are so many colors. When you have figured out the kind of emotion you want to create or the feeling you want to achieve, you can go ahead and select a major color.

You can also select two accent colors to make it more interesting. You can also stick to a single color and create a monochromatic skin. This means using one color, different shades, and tints to create something beautiful. To effectively do this, you can use a color wheel to know the right shades and tint of your chosen color.

Interior home colors

As I always say, make your space unique to you. Let it represent your personality, your taste, and your style. Your space has to be comfortable.

What are your favorite home colors? How are you using different colors in your spaces? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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