Kitchen Design Ideas: Fixing Up & Renovating My Kitchen

I am Trish, and this is Trish Talks, where I'll be talking about kitchen design. Welcome back to my fixer-upper series. We have been busy.

We've been putting all new ducting in for our HVAC system and all new plumbing for the second bathroom we're adding. This week I am providing an update on the kitchen and the kitchen tile.

This is the kitchen before we began the remodel.

I was trying to decide which tile I should choose for the kitchen.

I couldn't decide whether to pick the lighter or darker tile. Ultimately, I decided on neither. I decided to go with a tile that was a bit more artistic and more in line with my vision.

This is the tile I've selected.

I went with a hexagon and used the hexagon tile in the bathroom as well. So there's a theme happening here: tying rooms together. You'll see the tile when you walk through the front door and look across the room. It's absolutely beautiful. It is like a work of art, and I absolutely love it.

I looked through about 200 tiles. I went to four tile stores. I was online day and night. But when I saw this tile, I knew. It stopped me dead in my tracks, and I knew. I placed the order right there, and it was done. I love the way it turned out.

It was a lot of work because it's a hexagon, and it's got a lot of different angles already built into it.

Then, when you have to cut around doors and windows and so forth, it's a lot of work. I appreciate Jose for taking the time to get it right.

We don't need a lot of cabinets because this is our second home, so we opted to put some shelving here instead of cabinets.

These are the after photos because the kitchen is done. We gutted and renovated the entire kitchen.

We're not taking down any plastic yet because we still need to do some painting in and around the area. Mind you, I did a quick cleanup because there's no crew here today, and I wanted to show you this. So it's not perfect because this is an update, not the final reveal.

I hope you like what you've seen of my kitchen design. We're almost complete, so check back often. What kitchen projects are you working on? Share your plans in the comments below.

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