What's New in Hobby Lobby Christmas Decor For 2023?


Are you curious to see what’s new in Hobby Lobby Christmas decorations? Me, too! Let’s go browsing so I can show you the latest Hobby Lobby holiday decor, which are designer-inspired items that I know you will love.

The Hobby Lobby Christmas ornaments are designer-worthy and they won’t last long on the shelves. They look stunning like ones you would see at Crate & Barrel and West Elm.

Hobby Lobby sales


Hobby Lobby’s Christmas decor is often found at 50 percent off, which is the perfect time to snag some of your favorite holiday items. Check the store’s website to make sure you are heading there when the type of decor you want is on sale.

Robert Stanley ornaments
Robert Stanley textured ornament
Robert Stanley amber glass ornament
Robert Stanley mercury glass ornament

Robert Stanley ornaments

These designer-inspired ornaments are gorgeous with muted and neutral undertones, velvety textures, and the way they are tastefully done. These ornaments are between $4 to $5 each with the store’s discounts. These items sell out quickly.

Robert Stanley black-and-white ornaments
Black-and-white ornaments

Black-and-white ornaments

Hobby Lobby has added to Robert Stanley’s black-and-white ornament collection. The ornaments are much more extravagant than in years past.

Blue, green, and purple Christmas ornaments
Blue, green, and purple glitter Christmas ornaments
Blue Christmas ornaments
Embroidered and embellished ornaments

Embroidered and embellished ornaments

If you love ornaments that are not traditional, you’ll love the store’s collection of colorful ornaments. I spotted ornaments with beautiful embroidery on top of the ornaments.

The box of four ornaments is only around $8 after discounts. There are other designs with embroidery around them, as well.

Pink sparkly Christmas trees
Christmas decor by color and pattern

Christmas decor by color and pattern

I love the way Hobby Lobby sets up their Christmas decor by color. Whether you are doing a woodland, pink, gold, candyland, plaid, or any other type of theme, pattern, or color, everything is conveniently grouped together.

White wood Christmas trees
Wood trees

Wood trees

The collection of wood trees would look perfect to dress up a mantel or console table. They have all types–trees covered in a fur-like material, velvet, and painted.

Designer-style ornaments
soft with muted and neutral
Studio McGee designer-style ornaments

Studio McGee designer looks

Some of the items at Hobby Lobby give me that Studio McGee sort of look for less. These items are soft with muted and neutral colors that all go beautifully together. I spotted muted brown velvet ornaments that are Studio McGee dupes.

Ornaments less than $2

Ornaments less than $2

I spotted ornaments that are less than $2 with discounts. They are all good quality that will last for many holidays.

Hobby Lobby Christmas picks
Glittery Christmas picks

Pretty picks

I found a great assortment of picks for wreaths and other holiday decor.

Hobby Lobby faux evergreens
Faux evergreens

Faux evergreens

Small faux evergreens caught my eye and they were $20 after the discount. These trees work well with modern, farmhouse, traditional, or any other decor style.

I’d add ribbon and style it on my console table or even next to my tree to add variations of height. These trees aren’t just for the holiday–they work throughout the winter season to add interest to your home.

Rattan tree skirt

Rattan tree skirt

I found something unusual–a woven rattan tree skirt for $20 after the discount.

Hobby Lobby Christmas garlands
Hobby Lobby garlands


I love the classic garlands that look and feel like the real thing, priced at $30 after the discount. They are 6-feet long and these garlands can also work as table runners for a holiday tablescape. There are plenty of other styles of garlands, as well.

Black and white rustic ornaments
Red and white rustic ornaments
Cottage-feel ornaments

Cottage-feel ornaments

I spotted some black and red ornaments wrapped in twine which have an organic, cottage feel to them. The box of four cost $7 after the discount. They have them in different styles and sizes. One set has burlap only at the top and they are a little more festive.

Hobby Lobby Christmas decor

Get to your Hobby Lobby fast to pick up these amazing Christmas decorations. Hobby Lobby Christmas decor and ornament selection is the best but they sell out quickly.

Let me know in the comments if you spotted some great holiday looks at your local Hobby Lobby or if you go to another store for your holiday decor.

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