My Fall Farmhouse Hutch Decor Ideas For 2023

Today, I'm going to give you farmhouse hutch decor ideas. We're going to decorate my hutch for the fall season of 2023. I do a lot of thrift shopping and home decorating, and my farmhouse hutch is part of that.

I have cleaned off my hutch. It's dusted, it's cleaned up. The floor's vacuumed and mopped. This area's all ready to go.

Farmhouse hutch

I have staple pieces like a piece hanging above the hutch, which is from Hobby Lobby many years ago.

I love the texture of the wood and the metal together. It gives a bit more rise and height to my hutch. The little lamp was new this year. I wanted a small lamp for my hutch, and that came from

Let's go ahead and start adding some items to my hutch for fall 2023.

Vintage colanders

Top of the farmhouse hutch

The first item I added was up at the top on the left.

I have some vintage colanders that I thrifted over the past couple of years. I have thrifted quite a few vintage items, and I want to try to incorporate those as much as I can.

So, let's go ahead and add the next item.

Wire basket vignette in the hutch
Wire basket vignette

The next item I added up there was a little wire basket vignette I had put together.

That was the cutting board, the square one that was new at Hobby Lobby this year, that I picked up. I had the little ironstone pitcher. The wheat came from Then, if you see the napkins, the one on the top was one I made for my table last year. So, I wanted to bring that back out. I added that in the wire basket and a little acorn from Hobby Lobby many years ago.

Ironstone-style pitcher

My next item was up at the top on the right: a new ironstone-style pitcher from Hobby Lobby this year.

Whenever they bring out a new one, I love picking it up. These ironstone pitchers are so hard to find in our area. I do love the shape of that. I added new stems and the little acorns with the muted leaves. I love everything that I did on the top there.

Farmhouse hutch shelves with sage green plates

Farmhouse hutch shelves

So, let's move on to the shelves. The next items are plates that I thrifted in the sage green.

The one in the middle on the top is a platter, and the rest are dinner plates. I was happy to find those, especially for my fall 2023. I am just loving sage green this year. Those showed up while I was thrifting this year, and I was so happy to find them.

Ironstone plates

The following items I added are some ironstone plates that I had thrifted, I've got one at the bottom and two on the next shelf.

Little creamers

I have added four little creamers to my shelves. Those were all thrifted, and I hope to find more because I am in love with them, and I can't get too many on my hutch.

Round cutting boards

I added two of my favorite round cutting boards to the bottom shelf. Both of those came from Hobby Lobby.

I found Sandra Lee dishes at Hometown Treasures, all for $20. I wasn't sure if I was going to keep them. I have decided to use them on my hutch this year.

Little saucers in front of each of the green plates

I just added eight of the little saucers in front of each of the green plates.

Adding bowls on top of the saucers

On top of the saucers, I added a bowl to each section.

Sage green pear in the center

I added to the center platter on the second shelf the little pear I thrifted with the sage green. I love how all of this is coming together.

Four mugs on the bottom shelf

The four mugs that go to the Sandra Lee set are lined up on the bottom shelf.

Sage ivy plate

On the left of the bottom shelf on that cutting board is a sage ivy plate that I thrifted. It's one of a kind that I have on hand, and I'm going to incorporate it here on my hutch today.

Ironstone bowl

On the right side of that cutting board is an ironstone bowl I thrifted many years ago and I added the little ironstone pot in the middle on the top shelf with just a little succulent. I added some pumpkins to all of the bowls that are on the hutch.

Little teapot and salt and pepper shakers

Next to the lamp, I added a little teapot on the bottom shelf of that ivy plate and I added my two favorite salt and pepper shaker sets on the middle shelf.

Wreath from Hobby Lobby

I love adding a wreath, which was new at Hobby Lobby this year.

I love the colors. It's not too bold to take away from everything you see on my hutch. So I've got one more item to add to the hutch, and then we'll move down to what I'm going to do under the hutch.

Sage green rooster

My sage green rooster that I thrifted tops off my hutch. When I saw him, I knew I was doing sage, and I thought he would be the grand item to top off my hutch.

Painted apple basket underneath the hutch

Bottom of the hutch

So, let's go ahead and move to the bottom of my hutch. Underneath my hutch, the only thing that I added was a painted apple basket that I have had for a few years, and I love bringing it out for the fall.

It has some old aqua mason jars in it right now, but I have some gourds I will place in there.

Farmhouse hutch decor ideas
Fall farmhouse hutch decor ideas

Fall farmhouse hutch decor ideas

This is my final view of my hutch for the fall of 2023. Enjoy.

I hope I have inspired you with farmhouse hutch decor ideas and to decorate your home to make it cozy and comfortable. What are you using to decorate your farmhouse hutch? Share your decor ideas in the comments below.

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